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Saturday 24th of February 2024 (UTC)

December 2014

A nation shamed when the solution for its children is homelessness

It is not often I am brought to tears but this morning I was bereft as I left behind a beautiful family of five who have been homeless for 9 months. They have been living in a single tent in bush on the northern outskirts of Perth. Four beautiful girls are homeless but in their […]

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“My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness”. – Dalai Lama

It started with a phone call from the then Premier of Western Australia, Dr Geoff Gallop. I was the president of the peak advocacy body representing the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities of WA and he was also the Minister for Multicultural Interests. His first comment was “what are we going to do?” This was […]

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White man-Black man & disease

One might be forgiven for expecting white men to stop causing disease in black men, today. But instead of an era of atonement and correction, we pass from misdemeanour to misdemeanour. But plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose. The history of the transfer of disease from the Old World to the Antipodes has […]

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Collateral Violence

The current epidemic of violence in First Nation Australians is not unique. It is one of a genre of what might be termed ‘liberation violence.’ It can be seen since Americans ‘liberated’ Iraq. It can be seen since the Berlin Wall came down. It can be seen daily when prisoners are released form detention. In […]

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I Wish I Had Killed You Before You Were Born

I didn’t want you. I wish I had killed you before you were born. That’s not what is written in this article, but that is what I hear. I read this article today, a story about a couple who terminated their pregnancy at 28 weeks – because their child had a slight physical deformity.Frank and […]

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2014 will be remembered as a year full of hostility and attacks against our People

So here we are the last article for the year – the time has gone so fast. For me it is a time for deep reflection and an opportunity to say thank you to all our readers as we prioritise our thoughts towards another year. Remember we receive absolutely no Government funding and survive only […]

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Bleeding Eves

Malala Yusufzai finally got her Nobel. But right here in her hometown Swat in specific and in Pakistan in general there is a mixed reaction towards her achievement. There are some who believe Malala is the true face of Pashtuns and Pakistan and an icon of hope for the rest of children and women. But […]

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Jirga an Effective tool for ADR

ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) is a new concept in conflict transformation in the present day world. Indigenous systems and the new Restorative justice system are the main vehicles of present ADR system. Indigenous systems with a little bit of modification and alteration to face the modern human rights challenges can be used as ADR to […]

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Stop peddling lies – “$30 billion spent on Indigenous disadvantage” is a lie

The 2014 Indigenous Expenditure Report has been released by a Government Steering Committee and many will read it, especially the media, in that it is spending on “Indigenous disadvantage”. This is how it has been sold by far too many, including Prime Ministers. Australians will buy the crock that $30 billion is spent annually on […]

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Vegie gardens keep Redfern Tent Embassy supporters fed

With the end of the year fast approaching it is now seven months that Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy has stood solid and surprised many in that it has held off the Aboriginal Housing Company from commercially developing The Block. Like Walmandany Tent Embassy which stood solid for two and half years north of Broome in […]

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