An email was sent to The Stringer that finished up with the line, “I would be utterly embarrassed to call myself an Aboriginal.” The Stringer will not identify the sender. The email was in response to an article about an incident on a Perth train, where a mother with four of her children and three companions were removed from the train by Railway Officers.

You can read the article – “Kicked off a train for being Black – but Midgegooroo watches” here:

The email:

Absolutely disgusted by your article regarding the aboriginals “kicked off a train for being black”. I was on that train on that particular day and those aboriginals behaviour was absolutely appalling. They were behaving like wild animals with nothing but complete lack of respect for those around them.

What’s even funnier is that your article will be proved to be full of shit because there were plenty of people recording their behaviour on their mobile phones. This WILL come out and your story will be revealed as just another typical “white person versus black person” propaganda. You claim to be award winning jouranlists but journalism by nature is about reporting truth. Your article is full of shit. I dare say you’ve only won awards because your aboriginals, and let’s be honest, you get what you want when you want because if you don’t you scream RACISM!!!!

What you poor people don’t seem to understand is that by playing the race card all the time, you’re actually lowering and marginalising yourselves. Do any of you actually stand back and look at how the “white fella” sees you??? I am definitely not a racist but I can say with complete certainty In this day and age I’d be totally and utterly embarrassed to call myself an aboriginal. All you’ve ever got is “racist!!” I challenge ANY of you to spend a day on public transport. Report your findings in VIDEO AND AUDIO. I know this challenge will never be accepted because the findings will damage your lame ass attempts of labelling white people racist.

Shame shame shame. I KNOW YOU FEEL IT!!!


When it comes to racism I respond to everyone, it’s my way.

I have deleted the sender’s name.

Below is my email response to his:

I have to call it straight for you, however first let me write I am happy to meet with you, though I am travelling for the rest of the month. You are indeed a racist. Racism has many veils and layers and you demonstrated with certainty your racism, some of it born of the wash of stereotypes and subsequent levels of intolerance to those presumptions that illuminate your racism.

You made any number of assertions, even the racist remark that these people “were acting like wild animals”. My friend, have a serious look at what you wrote me. If you can read no racism in what you wrote, you’d be sadly well placed for the One Nation Party. You’re awash in ignorance, and sadly maliciously so, though inadvertently, I grant you this.

Let me write that I do respect the fact that you wrote to us. I cannot regard this attribute on your part highly enough. I respect the act of your response to me. Bottling stuff up serves no good purpose.

Racism is born of how you view another. I know racism. I have lived it from the day I was born into this country and its racism. And in my travels across this country, the more west I go, the worse the racism. 

Whatever you call “their behaviour” is none worse than your judgments and your responses.

If you wish to meet with me, I will meet with you. My way is a universal way, because not you or anyone was born racist, just that you were born into racism.

I do not need anyone to tell me that there is no racism and that this is not a nation deeply racist albeit with many veils. I do not need anyone to suggest that this nation’s policies do not marginalise on the basis of race. This nation indeed does my brother and deplorably so.

You know, I may not have been on that train, but in the ways that matter I was there. I know exactly what happened. You know why I know, because I know racism, I know it better than you will ever live to know it.

I never lie – that’s why I can be open to you. And racism doesn’t lie. Racism hurts the racist, and well this hurt gives rise to lies and you are lost in this ignorance.

What is it my brother, that Marianne Mackay did? Was it that she was “loud” and “demonstrative” about how far too many of her people are treated? 

When you have butchered and traumatised any individual or a people do you think it’s just about “pick yourself up and move on?” 

I feel for you. I feel for Marianne. I feel for everyone. 

I’ve spent my life studying racism, and this was born out of the fact that I’ve lived it and know it. My way has been not to keep anyone hostage to racism but to unfold the ways forward. But please feel free to talk to me though don’t ever presume you can know racism as Marianne does, as I do.

If you have time please consider reading the following. By the way, I am serious, in that I would meet with you brother – my contact is 0430657309. Kindly, Gerry


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