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Tuesday 31st of March 2020 (UTC)

March 2015

Premier Barnett congratulates SWALSC for the surrender of lands

Premier Colin Barnett is happy “native title over the south west has been settled.” He has thanked the South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council (SWALSC) for brokering the outcome. However more than 95 per cent of Noongar/Nyoongar/Nyungah/Bibbullman people did not vote. This does not matter to the Western Australian Government. What matters is that […]

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Faithless deal to extinguish Native Title exposes the betrayal of Native Title compensation

Opinion piece – The Mabo and Wik decisions have failed to deliver what should have been mandatory to the people as a whole, but in the hands of ordinary people much becomes something else, and often much becomes only for the few. The Native Title Act has degenerated into one of the consummate farces, not […]

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The Australian Labor Party’s “act of racism”

Senator Nova Peris is by far the Australian Labor Party’s best candidate for the portfolio of ‘Aboriginal Affairs’ however the portfolio has been steadfastly shuffled to Queensland powerbroker, Shayne Neumann. Mr Neumann is forever and a day behind Senator Peris in understandings and capacity for this particular portfolio. It is an act of racism by […]

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Remote communities – Homelands – ‘leaked’ reports corrupt the real story

As soon as I released part of the list of remote communities – Homelands – to be targeted for ‘audit’ by the Western Australian Government, all of a sudden, ‘leaked’ lists were secured by other media. But the onus of what I argued that my Government insiders had to say was let slide altogether by […]

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Homeless camp raided – City of Perth in disgrace, once again

Matargarup was raided again today by 50 police officers who escorted City of Perth workers and other hired personnel. The City of Perth loaded onto trucks tents, swags, bedding, linen, and other daily essentials. Ultimately, the City of Perth’s councillors and the Lord Mayor stand shamed. It is their watch. They have done ever so […]

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“Refugees are not coming here because we have really good TV Shows… They are coming because people are shooting at them” Dr Karl

In October 2014 Scott Morrison the then Minister for Immigration and Border Protection announced that former integrity Commissioner Philip Moss would conduct an inquiry into allegations of sexual abuse occurring at the Nauru Detention Centre that houses detainees refused entry into Australian territories. The ABC report of the announcement of the inquiry said the following: […]

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Here is part of the list of threatened Homelands – “remote communities”

We will be damned by the future if we sit quiet on any dispossession of Homelands – ‘remote communities’ – just as we damn the past for similar brutal dispossessions, for the evil of the Stolen Generations, the Stolen Wages, en masse indenture, apartheid, the lot. The dispossession of hundreds of Homelands, loosely referred to […]

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Help the First Nations Homelessness Project – help Matargarup refugee camp – help the homeless

The deplorable threat to close communities – homelands – should be one of the priorities of our time, of this generation. The future will damn any quiet on our part as we damn the quiet on the part of so many before us with the Stolen Generations, Stolen Wages, the dispossession, apartheid, the horrific racism […]

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Western Australian rednecks govern – stop the dumb-ass racism, leave the homelands alone

Nearly two years ago I wrote about the potential closure of up to 180 remote communities – homelands – of First Peoples. My insiders’ claims were rubbished and labelled fanciful and conspiratorial. Late last year, the Western Australian Government announced the potential closure of up to 150 communities. The South Australian Premier followed soon after […]

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Aboriginal ‘recognition’—a cover for assimilation

Constitutional recognition is a farce designed to divert attention from the decimation of Aboriginal life through funding cuts and the closure of communities, argues Paddy Gibson On 11 December, Tony Abbott addressed a lavish fundraising dinner, hosted by “Recognise”—an organisation campaigning for recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the Australian constitution. Recognise […]

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