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Saturday 24th of February 2024 (UTC)

June 2014

Celebrating a history of Indigenous resistance for our independence

I am sitting in the middle of a pristine untouched rainforest that belongs to the Maroon people of Jamaica. With no taxes, no police and hardly any crime, the independent town of Accompong is in western Jamaica. ‘A nation within a nation,’ is the legal status and autonomy of these Indigenous Peoples who helped runaway […]

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Stan Grant hosts a special on Identity

Andrew Bolt started something he may not have expected – a national conversation on identity that is coalescing people, putting to rest once simmering tensions about identity – what it is and what it means. Today at the Opera House award-winning journalist and NITV’s Awaken host Stan Grant will record a panel discussion before a […]

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The birth of the National Indigenous Human Rights Awards

The first ever First Peoples only dedicated human rights and social justice awards were launched on June 24. Finally! They were long overdue and the inaugural awards night went off big time in recognising exclusively the most profound human struggle on this continent – the First Peoples rights struggle. Three awards were established – The […]

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“Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive”

The title of the talk was to be “Honour Killings are morally justified”. The name of the man who was to be delivering the session is Uthman Badar. The session was to be held at the Sydney Opera House. Everything appeared to be moving along swimmingly. Friends of mine from the Islamic community were incensed […]

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“We want to go home” but Government to demolish Oombulgarri

The Western Australian Government has a bent for demolishing the communities and homes of First Peoples, and then sitting idly by, not too fussed about many of them who become homeless. In the Kimberley, the Oombulgurri community was closed down a couple of years ago, with the majority of the population compounding the region’s horrific […]

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Working Together – mental health and suicide prevention roundtable

“We need a balance. We need our old people to come and talk to them in regards to culture. To survive, there has to be balance,” said Derby Elder, Lorna Hudson. “All of our mob has been pulled into town into somebody else’s Country.” “People are being isolated from culture.” “You can empower our people […]

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“In the Name of the Father”

The movie of that title starred Daniel Day-Lewis. The story told was that of the “Guildford Four”. One of that group died this week. His name was Gerry Conlon. What do we know of the Guildford Four and Gerry Conlon? BBC News reported on Conlon as follows: “The Guildford Four were convicted amid the backdrop […]

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Another death, this time a baby

Perth’s Swan Valley Nyungah Community, closed down eleven years ago, their homes bulldozed by order of the Premier of Western Australia earlier this year, are now grieving the loss of another of their own on the streets, this time a baby. Since the Government closed down the once thriving community, many were made chronically homeless. […]

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Freedom of Speech

The ABC promotes itself as ‘democracy’ and the ABC’s Q&A program as “an experiment in democracy” but after its host, Tony Jones’ response to students who unfurled a banner during the program there were observers who questioned the ‘democracy’ that the program touts. Freelance writer and journalist, Clementine Ford defended the democratic right of the […]

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Expect more jail time, more poverty, more kids removed

Frontline services in First Peoples communities are being slashed or burned. With the build-up of a penal estate across this continent you would imagine that restorative justice and post-release programs would be the way to go. But no, hold on, the Commonwealth is abandoning one program after another. The NSW/ACT Aboriginal Legal Service has just […]

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