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Thursday 18th of July 2024 (UTC)

June 2018

Noongar peoples 3 times the suicide rate of national Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander suicide rate

The Noongar peoples of Western Australia as a distinct population group are the nation’s most at risk population group to suicide. The suicide toll among Noongar people has tragically reached the highest number of suicides of any Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander population group.  Of Australian cities, Perth  is recording the highest number of First […]

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For the sake of a fairer society, Suresh Rajan joins Australian Republican movement

It’s been many a year since I reviewed my position in so far as an Australian republic is concerned. I know that from my arrival here 43 years ago I have always felt extremely uneasy about the fact that the ultimate arbiter of my government, status and future lay in the hands of someone who […]

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