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Saturday 24th of February 2024 (UTC)

September 2016

The Australian suicide toll will increase each year for many years to come

During the last five years I have accurately estimated – sadly – the annual suicide toll and last year predicted that the 2015 toll would exceed 3,000 suicides. It will be higher for 2016. I accurately estimated the Aboriginal and Torres Islander suicide toll for each of the last five years and again it will […]

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Children removed from families are at highest risk to suicide

Individuals who as children were removed from their biological families are the nation’s highest risk group to suicide. They are four times at risk than the nation’s highest population risk group to suicide; the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population of the Kimberley which is the world’s second highest population risk group to suicide – […]

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The day White Privilege made me ‘dead on the inside’

The demography of this nation is not reflected in our parliaments, which remain the citadels of White Privilege, bastions unleashing vice like assimilation. The racists of my generation are the parliamentarians of today. They may disguise themselves as ‘progressives’ but they perpetuate racism. Those who control the Australia we live in carry on with a […]

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Don Dale Kids—Victims of the NT Intervention

Skyrocketing rates of Aboriginal imprisonment, child removal and social catastrophe have been produced by resurgent assimilationist policies argues Paddy Gibson. The graphic video footage of Aboriginal children and youth being tortured in the Don Dale juvenile detention centre aired on ABC’s Four Corners has sparked international outrage. The footage showed children as young as 11-years-old […]

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Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children incarcerated at the world’s highest rate

Australia incarcerates Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in juvenile detention at the world’s highest rate; ranked second is the mother of all jailers, the United States of America. More than half of Australia’s juvenile detention is comprised of the poorest and most marginalised children in the nation, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. Where […]

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