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Tuesday 31st of March 2020 (UTC)

January 2020

"A nation shamed when child sees suicide as the solution" - November 8, 2014, The Australian newspaper front pageListen to Trae – who lost his 11-year-old brother and his mum to suicide

By Gerry Georgatos – Trae lost his eleven-year-old brother to suicide. Nine months later he lost his mother to suicide. Trae was the last to see his brother. Half an hour later he went looking for his little brother. In the booklet for young Peter’s funeral, Rhoda was quoted, “My baby boy, I will miss you […]

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One in 4 child deaths, a suicide – we can change this but…

Gerry Georgatos – Children as young as 9 years have been lost to suicide, three in fact in recent years. Australians should ask, why? Proportionally, more children aged 14 years and less have been lost so far this century compared to last century. Death by suicide of children cannot, and never should, remain shrouded in […]

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Antartic expedition doctor & bushfire sky

By Dr Joseph Ting – On returning to Brisbane as Antarctic Expedition doctor 12 months ago, I sought the infusion of fertile green to clear the anaemic ice-white mind fog incited by my lengthy immersion “On the Ice.”    I lay spread–eagled to try match my overheated form to the sparse shade conferred by the desiccated crown of my favourite curtain-fig […]

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Focus on suicide toll, not the rate – 2019, record high toll

Gerry Georgatos – Tragically, 2019, will report the highest ever Australian suicide toll. I estimate in excess of 3,200 Australian lives lost. Alarmingly, Victoria will report its highest ever suicide toll, thereabouts 700 lives lost. NSW and Queensland will each report thereabouts 800 lives lost. Much of the commitments by our Commonwealth, State and Territory […]

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