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Monday 26th of February 2024 (UTC)

December 2019

By Delphene Fraser – A fortnight ago, the Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced there is to be a restructure of government departments and consolidation of portfolios to operate under a minimum government. The announcement should not have been a surprise, as it was an election promise of the Morrison government to reduce public service numbers. […]

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Mother suicides, father suicides, child suicides – suicide prevention, a lie

Gerry Georgatos – A mother suicides, a father suicides, their child was a suicide. Not once has this occurred but untold times. Over the years I have warned of mothers and fathers that would be near certain lost to suicide if they were not supported. Several years ago, an eleven-year-old child took his life. His […]

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No time to ponder, argue or to judge – time for suicide prevention

Gerry Georgatos – By year’s end, harrowingly, Australia will record the highest ever suicide toll, in excess of 3,200 Australian lives lost. Suicide prevention is a fledgling discourse, half a century old, and changing continuously, however despite the encumbrances with the formative discourse there is much that is well understood but which is not systemically […]

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