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Tuesday 31st of March 2020 (UTC)

June 2019

Evictions from public housing in WA sky high – classist, racist but there’s a project making a difference

Gerry Georgatos – Children evicted onto the streets… It is a reprehension that occurs throughout the nation but the more west we journey across the continent the worse it gets – with the rate of evictions from social housing highest in West Australia. In the last few years West Australia’s eviction toll has increased. The […]

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1 in 50 Australians have been to prison – 1 in 6 First Nations people have been to prison

Gerry Georgatos – One in 50 Australians living have been to prison. More than 500,000 Australians living have been incarcerated. One in 625 Australians are presently incarcerated. More than one in 6 First Nations Australians living have been to prison. A reprehensible statistic that from a racialised lens is the world’s highest; higher than the […]

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