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Saturday 24th of February 2024 (UTC)

September 2017

Diabolical hypocrisy & discrimination by the Commonwealth

I have written often about the discrimination accorded to people with disabilities and health conditions in our Migration system. In addition to the prohibition in the Act in relation to these applicants for residency visas, we also have a “health waiver” that is assessed by the Commonwealth Medical Officer (CMO). It is this process of […]

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Change lives to save lives

In the last few years I have written more than 300 articles on the suicide crises and on suicide prevention. In those same years I have supported hundreds of suicide affected families and thousands of critically at-risk individuals. There has never been an article I have written that in its midst I was not notified […]

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Disgusting hypocrisy by governments on the rights of persons with disability

The sheer hypocrisy of our government sometimes knows no bounds. On the one hand Australia lauds its signing of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability. On the other, it continues to flagrantly abuse those very same conventions through its administration of the provisions of the Migration Act to preclude ANYONE with a disability […]

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