4861868995_4ef5b00e35_zMia Pepper works with the Conservation Council of Western Australia as the nuclear free campaigner and is a board member of the Mineral Policy Institute.

Mia studied at RMIT university in Melbourne in environment and social science, where she was also the environment officer with the student union. Her time in Melbourne was spent between studying at RMIT, working at the Victoria Markets, as a radio presenter for the Radioactive Show at 3CR community radio and at Friends of the Earth.

Mia was and continues to be heavily influenced by the Aboriginal sovereignty movement in Australia, land rights and mining issues. It was the injustice of Australian law that allows mining to override community veto of mining projects that led her to the job fighting against uranium mining in Western Australia where she has been since 2010. In that time she has enjoyed learning and experiencing so much about the West Australian landscape both naturally and politically.