The ABC Four Corners episode on the corrupting of politicians was important but what was with the racism? There are veils and layers to racism and many do not see clearly their racism. Many fear the foreigner, while many hate foreigners but do not understand this is as racism. We tie up identity to values, to nation and excuse for the muddle-minded racism and misoxeny.

Our parliaments are much more racist than the general Australian population. Our parliaments continue to reflect the White privileged oppressor. Australia’s parliaments do not reflect the demography of this nation. One in four Australians are born overseas but you wouldn’t think that looking at the sea of White privilege in our parliaments. The children of migrant born Australians from non-White backgrounds are barely represented in our parliaments.

It is argued that merit should determine everything but if we are to be reasonable minded then we would understand if merit were the standalone basis to advancement and representation our parliaments would be half filled with females and half with males, that half our parliamentarians would be of African, Asian and southern European heritage. Any political party that does not reflect what I’ve just described is not a party with merit based systems.

Australian political parties are dominated by White privilege. They do not believe in merit, they do not believe in “diversity”. If they did it would reflect. The racists of my generation, of my schooling years four decades ago are now the generation that fill our parliaments. Ninety per cent of Australia’s federal parliamentarians are the children of White privilege, the descendants of the generations of colonial oppressors. The majority of our parliamentarians are descendants of the generations of those who crafted the White Australia Policy, who wrote up a racist Constitution, who ran up the misoxeny of Yellow Peril.

The ABC Four Corners journalists investigated the potentiality of influence peddling from donors to politicians, a worthy investigation. However what’s with the racism? Why does it matter if donors are Chinese? If ‘foreign’ donations should not be allowed then argue a case for this alone and bring on the laws to prohibit such donations. But let us not buy into a fear of Asians.

Corruption can only be reduced if donations of any sort are prohibited – whether foreign donations, whether from multinationals, robber barons or from anyone. In any event all donations should be immediately declared on a public register, including in-kind donations.

But give us a break with the sinister connotations of the Chinese people ‘infiltrating’ Australia. They are one in six of humanity. What wasn’t stated was a fear that the Yellow Peril will increasingly populate this continent. Someday this continent will be hundreds of millions and the majority of Australia’s future population will be from Asia. Good.

The transmigration of peoples is a narrative that should be respected and loved.

Political life is surrounded by lobbyists, but if they’re of White privilege or White-akin then it doesn’t register, it’s no big deal. Bu if it is Asians, the xenophobia and misoxeny prevail, and it’s the whole Yellow Peril again.

Do the media chase down other foreign donors or migrant Australians who are White or White-akin?

Corruption is diabolical and should be chased down as a crime, but to make it racial is bullshit. When I was a child, I remember White Australians, the great grandchildren of the brutal oppressors of the First Peoples of this continent, who used to run around calling my (migrant) parents “you people” and who railed at the thought that Asians would one day become Australia’s majority. It is ironic when White privilege which dominates the media when they rail against “identity politics” but then rail against the Yellow Peril.

The presumption that Australia’s modernist racist past is being whittled away has long been a fallacy and every once and a while shows its hand. The modern Australian nation arrived on the back of invasion, apartheid, genocidal policies – justified by the worst forms of racisms. The modern Australian nation was embossed with the White Australia Policy and preserved by its racialised imprimatur, the Australian Constitution. Whiteness was sold as the gospel, and White Australia was chided into being on the alert for seditious Blacks, the Yellow Peril and heathens.

There is right and wrong, good and bad but there should not be Black and White, Yellow or otherwise – it’s the oppressor, in modernity’s case, White privilege, who has fractured, racialised humanity. The oppressor is the problem. There is a sickness on this continent and it is racism. The filthy scoundrel of racism, its catastrophic currents in reference to modernity’s stretch have been born of the White oppressor.

Racism is haunting.