www.theaustralian.com A man in a car was shot dead by police in northern Sydney yesterday. The shooting took place outside a Castle Hill police station.

A man in a car was shot dead by police in northern Sydney yesterday. The shooting took place outside a Castle Hill police station.

The shooting of an innocent NSW Police employee yesterday has resulted in some interesting reactions from the wider community. In case anyone has missed the events that occurred yesterday details are here:

“NSW Police have confirmed that a 15-year-old boy was the lone gunman who shot dead a police employee outside the state’s headquarters in Sydney’s west.

The teenager shouted religious slogans before firing one shot in the back of the head of a police finance worker as the employee was heading home on Friday afternoon.

The predictable reactions came from the usual suspects, the contributors to the racist websites and Facebook pages. So, Reclaim Australia was quick to again run their fingers across their keyboards and post the following comments:

  • Julie Gaye Mckay15 WTF once again another reason the government SHOULD NOT let any more of these putrid people into our country WAKE UP AUSTRALIA

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  • Jaimie Perry We awake yet?
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  • Kaylene Gielb Get rid of this scum from our country, ffs how many more times do we have to put up with this while the politicians do nothing, the public will eventually take matters into their own hands and there will be muslim blood everywhere, unfortunately i can see this coming
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  • Jason Louis Wanda could u imagine if cops shot him before he killed the iT guy, (may he rip) the out cry from the muslims and the do-gooders etc they already hate our boys n woman in blue as it is what a f up world we live in and it will only get worse frown emoticon
  • Darren Bermingham And we are gonna accept 12000 of these ppl who we know nothing about. At the very least we should only accept the women and children on a temporary visa and shipped back when hostilities are over but force the men back to their country to fight for it, gutless cowards.

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Then from another page came the following:

  • OZ must look after its own b4 taking refugees from The Middle East. If it must take any, they must be Christians/Yazidis only

Which then generated the following responses from his followers:

  • Ash LadhaHow can a fifteen year old get a gun?

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  • Vijesh Khanna That shows how easily some bad religious leaders can brainwash kids in the name of religion.
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  • Vijesh Khanna Getting a gun is not an issue as people who brainwash these kids can supply ammunition.
  • Yadu Singh No idea. A better question will be how can/did his family not know what he was into? I am angry. We have a serious problem. This beautiful country is being destroyed by some from right inside it.

Yadu Singh This is not the full story. This is something else which drives these kids in one or the other way/manner.

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Bill Singh Can some one advised couple of Dr. Yadu Singh Devotee like me who wanted more refugee, what happened yesterday & now it is Australian Problem one Innocent person is dead. Who wants to take more refugee from that part of the world this is second Iranian (if it is true) after Man Haron Monies who have tore the fabric of the Australian Society.

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Mark Anthony Wright Bill I agree we need to stop taking refugees from that part of the world, there are plenty areas where we can allow refugees who need our help

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  • Atendra Adrian Narain STOP Taking refugees from Radical affected countries , People from these part of world have no respect and are taught violence at very early age .
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  • Parminder Singh Sethi I understand the anger faced by normal human beings , but I also say Islam is a cancer to society that has been growing for over 1200 years , Yadu ji you might not like my blatant honesty but History says so.
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  • Contrast this with the comments of our leaders. Our Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull had the following to say about the Parramatta shooting:
  • I have not reproduced the comments made by some of the other “warriors” on the myriad other pages that I spend some time trawling through. Rest assured that they are just as, if not more, vile than what is above. One thing that strikes me as readily apparent when you read through the comments on these pages is the fact that these people who post these comments are brave in the extreme when behind the anonymity of a keyboard. However, few if any of these people have made a worthwhile contribution to the future direction of this country and the social capital created therein.
  • Bhavesh Patel What an interesting ??? They welcomed refugees and refugees making harm to Australia and Australian people … International students come here and pay heavy fees on top of that struggles for years to get their rights and still lives in theirs limits … …See More

“The prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, described the attack as a “shocking crime, it was a cold-blooded murder”.

“It is doubly shocking because it was perpetrated by a 15-year-old boy,” he said.

Turnbull said the Muslim community would be “shocked and appalled” by the killing and issued a warning against vilifying or shaming the community for the actions of “a very, very small percentage”.

He said the government could never guarantee that attacks would not take place, but that security agencies were working to prevent them and that Australians must “go on and lead our lives”.

Premier of NSW, Mike Baird had the following comments to make:

“We don’t yet know all the circumstances that led to this tragic event, but over the coming days the Police will work to investigate and determine what we can learn from it. We will get to the bottom of it. And we will act.

But for now, I want the family of Curtis and the members of his Police community to know that you don’t face this loss alone. We mourn with you and we are here for you.

In stark contrast to one cowardly action, we have also seen the bravery of some of our state’s finest – Special Constables who acted swiftly to prevent this tragedy from becoming even worse. To them, and to everyone else who serves in the NSW Police Force, we offer our heartfelt thanks. Each day you put our safety before your own and we remain forever grateful for your service.

Finally, we cannot let actions like this divide us. We cannot let hate overtake us. This city and this state must remain united. We must stick together. And I’m certain that is exactly what we will see here in NSW.”

By way of contrast the following comments were made by our former Prime Minister Tony Abbott some time ago:

“In a national security address on Monday, Mr Abbott argued the Islamic community could be doing more to stop the spread of extremism.

“I’ve often heard Western leaders describe Islam as a religion of peace,” Mr Abbott said. “I wish more Muslim leaders would say that more often and mean it.””

Read more here: 

The significant contrast is that Turnbull and Baird have emphasised that we cannot judge the status of a whole community by the actions of a few. The other people (including the former Prime Minister) whose comments are reproduced above have not bothered to recognise that. They have been happy to condemn the entire Muslim community on the basis of the actions of this one person in Parramatta. If we applied the same standards to other communities, I wonder how the white Anglo Celtic Catholic communities will fare when we line up the actions of such luminaries as Martin Bryant and other similarly ill intentioned people?

The other thing that also intrigues me is that we, as a nation, continue to somehow incorporate 50+ ethnic groups into a religious community and expect that there is some form of homogeneity amongst them. Why do we anticipate that Iranian Muslims have something in common culturally with Singaporean Muslims? Or for that matter with Muslims from Ethiopia or Somalia?

There is much that needs to be done to minimise the radicalisation of young people. However, commentary of the nature that we have seen from the Facebook and Web pages cited above, are completely unhelpful. All they do is continue to create a further sense of disenfranchisement for the young people to deal with. The Turnbull commentary recognises this and works within that framework.

The next few days will see this matter play out further. Let us not jump to any conclusions at this point and await the outcome of continued investigations by the NSW Police.