Syed Fakhar KaKaKhel is a well known journalist, producer, trainer and researcher based in Peshawar, Pakistan. He has more than a decade long history of covering conflict in the Af-Pak region.

Armed with masters degrees in both Journalism and English literature, Mr KaKaKhel has experience working in print and electronic media for local and international organizations. He has worked as a  trainer for lead organizations like Internews and DW. He has held different management positions with different organizations in print and electronic media. He hosted TV shows and appeared regularly on different stations as an analyst. He worked with reputed organizations like ABC, BBC and Aljazeera. He also reported for IRIN, an independent news organization working with UN support and Radio Free Speech.

Mr KaKaKhel is currently running a production house under the banner of Hayat Productions and is associated as a researcher to different national and international organizations. He has reported war and disasters in both Pakistan and Afghanistan. He is writing a regular column for different local sites titled ‘War Diaries’. He is writing a blog ‘Beyond Mountains’.

Mr KaKaKhel also delivers lectures worldwide on regional issues, development, human rights, and conflict.

He has recently completed a Pashto book of short stories based on actual events he covered as a war correspondent. The book will be in print next year.