At a time when we are seeing concerning images and issues that go to the very heart of our multicultural society yet another incident has occurred to give us concern. I will post the detail that someone has posted on Facebook. It is a public post. I have not spoken to the person yet and am awaiting confirmation of some of the details. The post is as follows:

“SHOCKING NEWS FROM UWA.  This morning, around 12.20 pm, I was getting ready to do my regular prayers at UWA Mosque. As soon as I opened the toilet’s door, I found a dead pig’s head inside. The toilet is a traditional Turkish toilet used mostly by Muslims for their ablution before performing their prayers.

Needless to say, if this happened at a university, then THINGS ARE ESCALATING. Please report any suspicious incidents or people you see for the well being of our entire community.”

These are the images attached to that post:

None of us know the full detail but this is the breaking news that we have just received. More details will follow.