A family including 8 children, the youngest a newborn, who were facing homelessness within days, have found a long-term home, thanks to Jennifer Kaeshagen, Producer and Co-Editor of The Stringer who managed to do what the Department of Housing is yet to achieve nor what any of the other agencies we contacted are yet to do and this is to secure this family a home. In my view, there is no urgency among our highly resourced Government Departments or among our parliamentarians.

Homelessness is on the increase. The number of large families on the streets doing it rough is on the increase. There are 20,000 children in the nation under the age of 12 years who are homeless.

Our Governments’ priorities are misplaced.


Here is this family’s story:

8 children on the streets – the youngest less than 30 days old

However there are many more families who need our help: A nation shamed when the solution for its children is homelessness

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