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Tuesday 25th of June 2024 (UTC)


If you have an untold story The Stringer would like to read it, please send us a synopsis before proceeding to send anything else more substantive and we will make contact with you in the event we can assist you.

If you would like to contribute an article, opinion piece or feature about a topical issue, local, national or global please forward us your submission – we will read it and respond to you. Your submissions must introduce what you are writing about and effectively what you will be covering in your article, opinion piece or feature from the first couple of paragraphs.

You may need to be able to substantiate any controversial or contested claims with various reference either by various attribution to various record or by hyperlink to the worldwide web. Your submission may argue your point of view but it is important to include clear mention of the predominant opposing arguments and views.

The submission must be your own work or your group’s work with everyone who has contributed to it adequately credited.

It will assist you to read The Stringer’s editorial policy.

The Stringer will support your right to criticise and to your dissenting view but we do not permit any form of degradation, vilification or lampooning of others. The Stringer will support your right to engaging in a local, national and international discussion.

Any images, audio and visual footage you may wish to attach to your submission to support or complement your article, opinion piece or feature where possible must be adequately credited or have copyright permission – usually you can be guided by the Creative Commons License and Copyright Laws, please avail yourself to these. Where possible The Stringer will assist.

Please submit your contribution to, we look forward to it.

The Stringer team.