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Sunday 3rd of July 2022 (UTC)

Social Policy – Page 3

Austerity kills

“If austerity were tested like a medication in a clinical trial, it would have been stopped long ago, given its deadly side effects…. One need not be an economic ideologue – we certainly aren’t – to recognize that the price of austerity can be calculated in human lives.” David Stuckler and Sanjay Basu,“The body economic: […]

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Are good intentions enough? The Abbott/ Turnbull Government and mental health reform

Writing in the ABC Online magazine  The Drum, John Mendoza has described the Abbott/Turnbull Government’s recently announced mental health reform package as ”the most transformative reform package in a generation”. Mendoza, who was previously chair of the National Advisory Council on Mental Health and CEO of the Mental Health Council of Australia, is a respected figure in […]

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The privatisation of Centrelink: a recipe for a bigger disaster than Centrelink already is

‘What I am basically saying is that welfare must become a good deal for investors, for private investors. We have to make it a good deal for the returns to be there, to attract the level of capital that will be necessary in addition to the significant injection of capital and resources that is already […]

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‘Tough love’ as the solution to youth unemployment: Abbott’s social policy ideology and ignorance

Australian society is failing its youth and setting itself up for economic disaster. The persistent rise in youth unemployment will reverberate across the economy for decades to come, potentially reducing productivity and limiting creativity and innovation. Callum Pickering “It’s a disaster for our young people who want to work but are getting locked out of […]

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