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Wednesday 21st of August 2019 (UTC)

Aboriginal Specific News – Australia – Page 2

Death of John Pat in a time when the police union called for the abolition of the Aboriginal Legal Services

  In 1983, the town of Roebourne became to Western Australia what two decades earlier Birmingham had become to Alabama. Sixteen year old John Pat was killed by inebriated police and a few years later White prejudice acquitted the police. Two-thirds of Roebourne, on Ngarluma Country, was comprised of Aboriginal peoples, mostly impoverished, and this […]

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“Room to Breathe” – what a patronising racist disgrace – third-world-akin housing

Housing in the remote and regions for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples is a national disgrace. The majority of it is an act of racism. It’s horrific shanty living in both the remote and regions of Western Australia and an even worse abomination throughout the majority of the Northern Territory. A Northern Territory housing […]

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One in 4 Aboriginal males jailed, 8 in 10 remote living do not finish school, one in eight deaths of the poor is a suicide

Data can be anything one can want it to be. We are told there are nearly 800,000 people who identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islanders. Despite an increasing population of people who identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islanders, nationally one in 8 have been to prison. From a racialised lens that’s the world’s […]

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Northern Territory governments remain racist disgraces – apartheid

The Northern Territory government is sort of accepting the 227 recommendations produced by the royal commission into youth justice following the disgraces exposed to the nation by the ABC’s Four Corners. Recommendations and findings are a dime a dozen. The government is giving in-principle support to 91 of the recommendations. Whether it’s in-principle or substantive […]

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There has never been a close the prison gap campaign

After 10 years the Close the Gap report tells us that most of the gaps are not closing. Life expectancy, school attendance, literacy, and employment are still reflecting First Nations disadvantage. The entire campaign is said to be in need of “refreshing”. In fact, the reason for the failure of the Close the Gap campaign […]

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It is now time for a royal commission into Australia’s world record high rate of child removals

Last week I reunited a 14 year old girl with her biological mother. She had been removed from her mother at 12 months of age. Children removed from their biological parents are among the most elevated risk groups to serious aberrant behaviour and to suicide. On the day of her reunification she called me to […]

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Enough with the same old stories on jail rates – how about improving the lot of the marginalised?

The child prison population which is generally tagged as the youth or juvenile detention population will double by 2025. Nearly 1,000 children are incarcerated every night in Australia but by 2025 it will be 2,000 and the trajectory will increasingly steepen thereafter. Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory will continue to incarcerate children […]

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Racial bias in the criminal justice system – it’s only chatter, nothing will change

There has been much chatter in recent times of racial bias in the criminal justice system. It’s the latest bit the chattering classes want to talk about while not doing anything about it; more claptrap. Racial bias is not exclusive to any particular bastion, it is in every institution, workplace, in the form and content […]

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Aboriginal funeral funds must be established by State and Territory Governments

On average each year there are 3,000 deaths of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people, but many families cannot afford a funeral. The distress levels can damage families, displace anger, dishevelling people, condemning them to elevated risk to aberrant behaviours. Nationally, nearly half the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population lives below the poverty line, […]

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Never before have so many Aboriginal children died of suicide

There are more suicides today Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander than ever before. It is not just intergenerational trauma and the impacts of colonisation, or cultural deficits that are contemporaneously culprit to this crisis. Much more simply the culprits are the deplorable ongoing inequalities and direst poverty. The intergenerational trauma is compounded by betrayals, where […]

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