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Sunday 3rd of July 2022 (UTC)

Dr Woolombi Waters – Page 3

Half a billion in Stolen Wages contributed to abject poverty

It was once claimed with great pride Australia was a classless society. I don’t know if such a claim was ever true when considering Black Australia but considering events over the last week, it’s definitely not true anymore. I want to discuss two stories that made news from the last week. First, the court case […]

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Woolombi Waters says “let’s listen”

So now Senator Scullion thinks Traditional Owners and consultation with community is holding us back. Last week in the National Indigenous Times we read in Geoff Bagnall’s interview with the Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister, Senator Nigel Scullion how the Federal Government is not only refusing to empower prominent organisations such as Aboriginal Community Controlled Health […]

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Where to now? Budget reveals attacks against Culture and our connection to our Land

Courtesy of The National Indigenous Times – A couple of weeks ago I wrote the following: “Our people are hurting and are in need of love, caring and putting back on their feet. We need to feel improved self-esteem and resilience and to feel connected before moving forward. We spend enough in resources to heal […]

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Warren Mundine, it is cultural genocide you’re bringing on

So I am sitting at home, it’s Sunday night and I’m pretty happy with the second draft of my article for this week’s paper when someone sends me an e-mail with the heading “You won’t believe this”. So I read the e-mail and it has a link to a story from the Australian newspaper which […]

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What if Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were all born in Australia?

By Dr Woolombi Waters (Last week in The National Indigenous Times) we mentioned how John Koowarta, Vincent Lingiari and many others who have contributed to the civil rights movement in Australia such as William Cooper should be house hold names. Should be … but they are not. John Koowarta, become the plaintiff in a legal […]

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