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Friday 20th of May 2022 (UTC)

Dr Woolombi Waters – Page 2

Why doesn’t Bolt demand action on rampant child sexual abuse in White communities?

Because of the amount of discussion and public debate focusing on Aboriginal Culture being responsible for child and sexual abuse I wanted to write this week on non-Indigenous “White” Australian communities. I started by researching a number of stories over the last week that showed examples of sexual abuse within their culture. The outcome is […]

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No need for the truth – it’s about race, we are not the ones who need an education

The article I wrote in response to Andrew Bolt’s piece “Our fear of seeming racist hurts Aboriginal children” (Herald Sun, 10 September, 2014) certainly gained some attention attracting a large number of e-mails both for and against. What amazes me is the sense of superiority and lack of understanding that comes from many of those […]

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Bolt’s words tells me he is obviously not well

“After the Creation, brothers, sisters and others of the closest kin, intermarried promiscuously – the evil effects of these alliances becoming manifest – a council of chiefs (elders) was assembled to consider in what way they might be averted, the result of their deliberations being a petition to the Muramura (Good Spirit), in answer to […]

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Woolombi Waters says Tony Abbott is at it again but don’t think for a moment these are gaffes

A little over a month ago it was reported Tony Abbott as the Prime Minister of Australia made a political gaffe or blunder when he stated “I guess our country owes its existence to a form of foreign investment by the British government in the then unsettled or, um, scarcely settled, Great South Land.” But […]

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Pearson’s vision – and its impacts

Courtesy of The National Indigenous Times Noel Pearson said the Forrest report struck at the “roots of the passive-welfare predicament of Indigenous Australians”. He said the Forrest reforms did not displace the welfare safety-net system but rather built “a new opportunity staircase as an alternative pathway for individuals and families to climb out of disadvantage […]

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No one life is more important than any other which is why Frontier Wars matter

The Western world is in mourning over the sons, daughters, couples, parents and grandparents who never made it home after the tragic Malaysia Airlines disaster. Days on from the horrific crash the official Australian death toll from flight MH17 has been updated to 37 and the total deaths remains at 298. World headlines have included […]

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The choice is clear – Nationalism versus Aboriginality

So here we are NAIDOC Week for 2014 and the theme is: Serving Country: Centenary & Beyond in honour of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and women who have fought in defence of country. I remember reading this when it was first announced and thinking to myself, really? I hope those frontier warriors, […]

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Celebrating a history of Indigenous resistance for our independence

I am sitting in the middle of a pristine untouched rainforest that belongs to the Maroon people of Jamaica. With no taxes, no police and hardly any crime, the independent town of Accompong is in western Jamaica. ‘A nation within a nation,’ is the legal status and autonomy of these Indigenous Peoples who helped runaway […]

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Marcus Walters reflects on Black Nationalism

I’m just getting my things together to fly out of Australia. Those of you who have read my articles from the very beginning will remember this same time last year I was in the Caribbean speaking at the Caribbean Studies Association Conference. I gave a paper on “Black Consciousness’. I remember it like it was […]

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What my old Uncle reckons about Warren Mundine

It’s the weekend and I am at Nudgee College to watch my son, Ngiyaani play his first game of Rugby Union for the school. He is there on both an equity and rugby scholarship after making the Brisbane Junior Rugby Union development side last year. He’s just turned 13 years old, is bigger than me, […]

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