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Sunday 14th of April 2024 (UTC)

Dr Woolombi Waters

A Crisis of White Identity…

With the US election now decided and Donald Trump President it’s interesting watching the fallout asking how this could ever have happened. I read an article last week that provided some insight. “Behind 2016’s Turmoil, a Crisis of White Identity” was written by Amanda Taub and published in The New York Times. It highlighted the […]

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A little boy who hid under the bed – a survivor of the Stolen Generations

My childhood trauma is on the public record. I was not raised by my Aboriginal mother and for this I have suffered. Right throughout my life I have been victim to abuse. When I discuss, in detail, these abuses to my non-Aboriginal colleagues, to friends and to counsellors, many of them are taken aback, commenting […]

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Buruwi-y gaba binaal-ga gaaynggal (Rest in peace little one…)

As Blackfella’s we learn to read signs in the landscape when the Burruguu-ngayi-li (Dreaming…) directly impacts with the physical world. There are devastating consequences when we forget who we are as Aboriginal people. Losing a young girl, 10yrs old to suicide is one such time. We are meant to love one another beyond difference to the […]

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What legacy do you want to leave your children?

Twenty years ago when still very young in my research career I come across a series of letters written in the late 1850s. The letters had been published in the Moreton Bay Courier (later to become the Courier Mail) and were written by two Aboriginal men and signed as “Delegates of the Breakfast Creek Blacks”. […]

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2014 will be remembered as a year full of hostility and attacks against our People

So here we are the last article for the year – the time has gone so fast. For me it is a time for deep reflection and an opportunity to say thank you to all our readers as we prioritise our thoughts towards another year. Remember we receive absolutely no Government funding and survive only […]

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To end our trauma government must stop the assault on our People and our Culture

My colleague Gerry Georgatos is among Australia’s leading authorities on Indigenous youth suicide. He told me of the last 13 youth suicides in Western Australia; 12 were doing well at school, many were employed and showed none of the signs you would associate to someone wanting to end their life. One of these children was […]

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Freedom struggle to relieve First Peoples from cruelties of neoliberalism

This is not a war we are going to win with steering committees and elected board members replicating the very systems that are working against us. To put it bluntly, Western free market economies and in particular neo-liberalism just doesn’t work. The United Nations no less agrees stating that privatisation and free market economies have […]

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Pearson, Langton, Mundine are not our leaders

It was Edmund Burke who is credited with the saying: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. He was also reported to have said: “The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse”. Edmund Burke was a 17th century Irish political philosopher, politician and statesman who […]

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Exposing Barry Spurr highlights bigger problem of institutionalised racism

There was no surprise to see Federal Education Minister, Christopher Pyne stand by the review of the school curriculum despite the involvement of University of Sydney poetry professor Barry Spurr who was suspended last week over e-mails where he described former South African President Nelson Mandela as a “Darkie”, Blackfella’s as “Abo’s” and women as […]

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Enough is enough – It’s time to act by supporting the call for our true leaders

The national call by community leaders Tauto Sansbury, Geoff Clark and Michael Mansell among others for a National Summit of legitimate First Nations leaders has the potential to change a generation. We are talking of the same influence of the Freedom Marches back in the ’60’s, the establishment of the Tent Embassy in ’72 and […]

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