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Sunday 3rd of July 2022 (UTC)

Warren Mundine

Warren Mundine’s Australia Day Address 2014

Achieving true reconciliation is confronting, Nyunggai Warren Mundine is the Executive Chairman of the Australian Indigenous Chamber of Commerce and Chairman of the Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s Indigenous Advisory Council said. It requires both sides to a conflict to take steps towards each other and that we acknowledge the past but also leave it there. Recognising […]

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Wedge politics fail according to Warren Mundine

I recently visited Alice Springs to deliver the inaugural Baker IDI Central Australia Oration on the subject of Indigenous health. I took the opportunity to meet up with organisations who are working in and with Aboriginal communities in Central Australia as well as representatives from the Central Land Council and Government. According to the last […]

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Warren Mundine responds to “$25.4 billion lie”

On October 26, The Stringer published Gerry Georgatos’ article – $25.4 billion spent on Aboriginal disadvantage is a lie. On October 30, another version of Georgatos’ article was published as the front page story of The National Indigenous Times – A $25.4 billion lie! Dr Warren Mundine’s response: Last week’s front page of the National […]

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What do you think of Warren Mundine’s speech on closing the gap?

MORE than 40 years ago, Australia embarked on a strategy for bringing indigenous people to full and equal participation in society. That has had significant successes. Indigenous people do not suffer anything like the discrimination they suffered 50 years ago and have achieved things they could never have achieved in the past. Community attitudes have […]

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