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Monday 16th of September 2019 (UTC)

Mick Estens


In the 50 years from the mid 1850’s up to 1908 when Missionaries established Port Roper in the top end of the Northern Territory, the European settlers massacred Aboriginal language groups at their whim. The killings got that bad that by 1908 the church established the now Ngukurr, Port Roper settlement for one purpose, to […]

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The Lucky Country? Not if you’re Aboriginal

While refuelling in Mount Isa this year I decided to take a break from my journey at a café. It was lunch time and the place was busy. In line in front of me were two young Aboriginal girls who were impeccably turned out, coloured tropical clothes, big smiles, laughing and confident. When they got […]

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Northern Territory Intervention = injustice, prejudice, inequality

Christmas Day 2013 and I am celebrating it with an Aboriginal family in a remote Arnhem community. Kids were running about having fun – new bikes, toys and I got to see my first black superman! We were going to the local spring for a swim and then we cooked up a big feed. We […]

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Deprivation, poverty, disadvantage of Aboriginal people on show everyday – in Court

By Mick Estens – Opinion Piece It is not until you spend time at the Court House in Katherine Northern Territory that you get to see and feel what Aboriginal people have accepted in their life. On the day I was there the reality of 220 years of English law and failure of successive governments […]

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ILC training failures place Aboriginal men in serious danger

Those of us that have worked and lived on remote cattle stations know that injury has a greater chance of leading to death than if the same injury happens in a town area. Emergency departments are not five minutes away from where we work and live. We all in remote areas rely on having systems […]

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ILC keeping Aboriginal men in the Long Grass

Today in the Northern Territory along the Roper Bar road on the Aboriginal Alawa people owned Station of Warrigundu you will find no activity. The part time Aboriginal station staff was sat down in early December last year by the lease holders of the property, the Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC). While sitting down for two […]

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