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Friday 20th of May 2022 (UTC)

Meg Perkins

There has never been a close the prison gap campaign

After 10 years the Close the Gap report tells us that most of the gaps are not closing. Life expectancy, school attendance, literacy, and employment are still reflecting First Nations disadvantage. The entire campaign is said to be in need of “refreshing”. In fact, the reason for the failure of the Close the Gap campaign […]

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Overcoming trauma by Dr Meg Perkins

Gerry Georgatos (The Stringer, 17 November 2017) argues that we should not allow ourselves to be overwhelmed and dominated by trauma, that we should get back on our feet, strengthened by our scars. He is right, of course, that trauma does not have to be a life sentence, but the question is … how do […]

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Incarceration, Sexual Abuse and Suicide Risk

We now know that Aboriginal people in the Kimberley region of Western Australia complete suicide at 74 per 100,000, seven times the non-Indigenous rate. We also know that Indigenous incarceration rates in Western Australia are 18 times the non-Indigenous rates. Is there a link between these horrible statistics? The link goes back to colonisation and […]

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