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Thursday 30th of June 2022 (UTC)

Connie Georgatos

Australia’s discrimination of no Medicare to its incarcerated is obscene

Australia’s governments must end health discrimination in its prisons. An incarcerated child must not be a second-class citizen. Nor any adult. We must ask, why are our governments dishing the vulnerable jailed, second-class healthcare? When evaluating the nation’s carceral system, we are unable to make it to the second level of Maslow’s pyramid before encountering a deprivation […]

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Australia’s governments, laggards on homelessness

The campaigns to end homelessness must be relentless. It is up to us to make governments respond to the will of the people. The Federal Government, in December 2014, de-funded Homelessness Australia, the peak advocacy body. Homelessness Australia operates on a voluntary basis, credit to them, and has no employed personnel. Governments have a bent […]

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