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Thursday 30th of June 2022 (UTC)

About Us

The Stringer is an independent online news site, delivering free-to-access independent news to readers daily. We went live on February 20 and formally launched on February 25, 2013 at the Media at the Crossroads Conference at NSW Parliament’s Theatrette.

The Stringer was founded by media academic and producer Jennifer Kaeshagen.


The Stringer team:

Founder, Principal Editor & Producer – Jennifer Kaeshagen

Co-Editor & Journalist – Gerry Georgatos

Contributing Writer – Brian Butler

Contributing Journalist – Nicola Butler

Contributing Writer – Suresh Rajan

Contributing Journalist – Lester Ranby

Contributing Writer – Four Arrows, aka Don Trent Jacobs

Contributing Writer – Colin Penter

Contributing Writer – Samantha Connor

Contributing Photographer – Ingetje Tadros

Further 2013 contributing writers include: Dr Brian Steels, Debbie Kilroy, Jess Beckerling, Sallie Coulson, Mia Pepper, Dr Alice Clark, Michael Barker, Dr Binoy Kampmark, Ali Gohar, Kathy Kelly, Mick Estens, Upneet Lalli, Jimmy Bones, Dr Baz Dreisinger, Delephene Fraser, Ramdas Sankaran, Jennifer Kaeshagen, Poppy Burnett, Avantika Mehta and Kellie Tranter.


The Stringer’s Editorial policy:

Independent news media contributes to the unfolding landscape of human rights and social justice.

It is The Stringer’s aim to provide every opportunity to the rise of voices that far too often are denied. If The Stringer believes in the importance of a story we will sustain coverage – this is what The Stringer terms through-care journalism.

The Stringer has become known for breaking stories that others initially were not prepared to investigate and report.

The Stringer’s contributors are experts in their fields, our policy is to not indulge armchair journalism.

The Stringer looks forward to working as hard as we can to bring to you the stories that matter.

The Stringer wants your stories, the untold stories that we may be able to help you bring into the light of day. We will read your submissions and consider them, and where possible preliminarily investigate them, but in the very least we will become informed as to your story and may be able to investigate your story when opportunity to do so arises.

It is The Stringer’s aim to remain as independent as possible. The Stringer is non-political party affiliated, we will not accept any funding or donations from any political party, and we have strict guidelines in reference to what kinds of organisations we will explore potential advertising partnerships with. We deplore newsjacking and the press being manipulated by the interests of any particular group.

To protect us from ourselves and to protect our readers at all times The Stringer requires our journalists, writers and contributors to declare any conflicts of interest, real or perceived, and to ensure that these declarations are included at the end of their articles or contributions – impartiality conflicts of interest and pecuniary or material conflicts of interest.

Our news media format is exclusively online (the worldwide web) and based in Australia but The Stringer is not limited to its predominant national reach, it includes global social reach.

The Stringer shall not indulge in offensive caricatures and images of people, it shall not lampoon people. The Stringer shall question, criticise and offer its opinions and analyses, even castigate, but The Stringer will not degrade, malign, vilify or humiliate.

The Stringer encourages, but does not require, its journalists to be members of the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance and of any particular body that represents their best interests.

The Stringer supports and abides by the Australian Journalists Association Code of Ethics (1944).

The Stringer will not publish articles that are not underwritten by credible sources and corroborating source(s) where required nor shall the The Stringer publish false or tenuous statements. If it is demonstrated to The Stringer that we have published in error we will own our mistake and correct the public record with equivalent exposure as given to the erroneous statements and in a timely fashion.

The Stringer does not require permission sought for the reproduction, sharing and distribution of The Stringer’s stories and images if they are credited in accordance with the Creative Commons Agreement.

The Stringer will not facilitate a paywall nor seek subscription fees as our objective is to reach a broad audience and demographic and subscription fees would place inherent restrictions on any such objective. Our only sources of revenue therefore are advertising and donations. The Stringer was founded with a bent for editorial independence and investigative journalism. These aspirations can be ensured if we follow strict guidelines in regards to whom we will make advertising with and whom we will accept donations from. In order for The Stringer to remain independent we are non-political party affiliated. The Stringer will not accept any funding or donations from any political party. We will strive to at all times to engage with advertisers and potential donors who are considered ethical.

The Stringer shall work in the public interest at all times, adding to the public record in the public interest.

We welcome everyone.