Sleeping from trees, mouths of graveyards wait

Low lying fruit idly by,

Pray for heaven’s door

Pale light, last sight


The hangman quivers

And the Medes build gallows,


And gilded cages


Barons and conquerors, conquistadors salute

Bloody Marys hail

Missionary fervours gale

Pied Pipers wisp and drown


The children are framed

Raped and maimed

Hollow hearts defame

Never ending game


Maelstrom’s swirl

Pray for heaven’s furl

Lilly crumbles

Centurions stumble


Statues of stone

Three children from a tree

Ariana too

Peter Rabbit and the dancer


Prison guards cry, Auschwitz too

Chastised and scorned

The senses dull

Boabs and eucalypts mourn


Chastity and Dave

Suresh and Dolly

Michael and Ali

Bonnie no more


Susan and Aisha

Gallows decree

Five graves in a row

Pia and Steven


The Medes ensnare

Children of the sunrise, of the moon too

Some moons have many moons

Some have none


Birthright none, destiny laughs

Deliberation runs, sad eyes

Missionary times, society lies, Sharon and Drew

The civil service idles true blue


Crows bellow, colours and red

Children busy in suicide and dead

Protests and bywords

The gallows sword


Dare not hope, Orwell roars

Harry and Lizzie, Dana and Joe

Who’s next the cradle will sow

Dungeons and crevices, the fast slow


Too much to see, little to do

Praise heaped, nothing ado

Reginald gone, Sharon too

Bindiya and Dean, Thomas and Rose


Wickedness is fast, outrunning is hard

Silence and hue, worn out rude

Jesse smiled and Abby laughed

Jade, Saeed, Janine and Reggie


Prophets and profiteers, carpetbags full

Dominion brief, the ages sweep

What ifs and words

Not even rain and dew


Will gallows rot

And statues tumble?

Will the children play

And adults stay?


Will the Medes begone

And conquistadors no more?

Will playgrounds be full

And love with no bull?


Will protests convince

And the poets decide?

Will the speeches end

And babies grow old?


Lisa and Belinda

Kim and Mehmet

Lou and Tracy

All who warned


Heavy metal sands

Sceptics dance

Fate mourned

Sallow carts drawn


The Aardvark crows, Cockatoos howl

The Rooster talks, Lions squeal

Nothing makes sense, Sapiens and Arabian nights

Mouths of graveyards, pyres burn


Magazine lives deign

Warehouse piles reign

While minstrels equivocate

Slums intoxicate


A father cradles his son

A family walks the night

In mud and flood

Comical eyes laugh


Servants climb, not left behind

To live out days

In audience or on stage

Scripts alive, festive lies


Theatre everywhere

Rogue grows old, holy

Pontificate and equivocate

Who cares, the wind blows


Arkady gone, Nikolas too

Suicide rains, prophets boo

Songs cry out deathly do

Cymbals and strings, bugles and trumpets


The waddle’s crawl

Birch and brawl

The bison mauls

Sad eyes, frown


Books and testaments whistle

The Sanhedrin thistles

Socrates and Jesus swear

They never were


Wails and dare

Sounds bare

Tables flare

Ten thousand mares


Kristy died

Yesterday lied

Did we fight or die?

Oracles tie, vagabonds scream


Decades dangle

Beggars bleat Odette’s cry

The chorus is dry

We bury in the mouths of graveyards the cradle’s eyes


Children of the sunrise

From across the seas

Of the unborn, none spared

Prison guards and servants fared


Some moons have many moons

Some have none

July and January thirty-one

The end is done


Mine eyes see

Mine ears hear

Please don’t go

Just die old


  • Gerry Georgatos