Whistleblower Allan Kessing. Image - www.theautstralian.com.au

Former Customs officer Allan Kessing. Image – www.theautstralian.com.au

At the conclusion of this short article you will have the opportunity to listen to an interview that will disturb you and which should make you angry. Anyone of us could be the next Schapelle Corby – an innocent person who our Government and our prized institutions have stranded in a hell that no-one deserves.

When I first began to inquire and report on Ms Corby’s predicament I wrote, “The story of Ms Corby threatens to draw attention to myriad layers of corruption – corruption of process, Government corruption, corruption within our airports and within Customs. A royal commission should be held into the Australian Government’s conduct in all matters relating to Schapelle Corby.”

I have now dug so deep into finding out the truth that the paragraph you just read can no longer capture the despicability of a human life thrown to the wolves, her reputation pilloried at every turn, and her survival, as she barely clings to sanity and life, clawed from resilience borne of the love of those around her, themselves much pilloried. I thought I had seen it all when our Government lied again and again to my face about the Indonesian children we found in Australian adult prisons, and ran from culpability and every decent value as we campaigned for two years to have these children freed. Well, I had not seen it all. What has occurred to the Corby family is akin to the tragedy that befell the family of Azaria Chamberlain.

The national consciousness needs to know the truth, and Ms Corby must be freed, no stone unturned, and every form of restitution met. It took me near a year to win over a majority of the Australian media to begin helping the Indonesian children, and it is now time the Australian media scrubs up and does the job for Ms Corby but also for our collective heart and soul.

Allan Kessing is a former senior customs officer who was appointed to review and report on security of traffic within airport services at Sydney Airport. He produced two reports detailing extensive corruption at airport services – these reports were submitted in 2002 and 2003. Schapelle Corby’s flight to Bali from Brisbane via Sydney was on October 8, 2004.

Mr Kessing said “the reports were suppressed” and that nothing was done about his findings.

When the reports were leaked by someone else several months after Ms Corby’s arrest, Mr Kessing was extraordinarily prosecuted for “passing information” – he was charged for whistleblowing. The reports were never presented to Ms Corby’s legal team.

Mr Kessing’s reports have been supported by other independent reports – The Wheeler Report and also by the global intelligence gathering agency, Stratfor. I have referred to these in previous articles.

Importantly, Mr Kessing said that in his long experience as a customs officer he had never heard of any instance of any attempt to traffic cannabis out of Australia. He said it makes no sense for anyone to traffic cannabis to Indonesia where it will sell at a very much lower value. He made an analogy that “it would be like exporting coal to Newcastle.”

He said that cannabis is moved around Australia via our airports.

Mr Kessing said that corruption at airports throughout Australia has not been reduced and will only continue to increase.

He said that the corruption is being withheld from the public interest.

My interview with Mr Kessing is an eye opener, and it is a must listen. On this occasion, rather than I write more please instead listen to the audio interview with the former senior customs officer whose findings should be soundly carried by every news media format in this nation.

“Truth is no defence,” said Mr Kessing.

The Interview with Mr Kessing – here:

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