William Moss, a repentant former criminal, has admitted that at one point he had been intended to collect the cannabis from Sydney Domestic airport – but as I have written in previous articles the cannabis was not retrieved by airport luggage handlers on that fateful day of October 8, 2004 at Sydney Domestic after being planted in Ms Corby’s boogie board bag by a corrupted airport luggage handler at Brisbane Airport. Operation Mocha was underway at Sydney Domestic on that day – ‘secret’ surveillance on luggage handlers and customs officers. The corrupted personnel were tipped off and hence spooked they did not dare retrieve the cannabis.

With the admission that Mr Moss made, that the cannabis was intended for him to collect and was never intended for Bali nor that Ms Corby had any knowledge of it, one would think Ms Corby would have been released or that the Australian Government and all our relevant authorities would have presented a case for her release. But Mr Moss’ testimony appears to not have made even a dent.

The first part of my interview with Mr Moss earlier today – here:

Instead of the cannabis illegally sold on the streets of Sydney at premium prices it finished up at Denpasar Airport and so began Ms Corby’s nightmare. Without a honest Australian Government voice – with the truth at hand at all times – Ms Corby stood no chance against Indonesia’s zero tolerance policies on possession of illicit drugs. The Australian Government sat relatively idle and quiet on the truth of the state of affairs in Australian airport services.

If everything that is known about Ms Corby’s case had been presented to an Australian court she would be free – she would have been found not guilty. However the Australian Government’s lazy bent is that Ms Corby is in an Indonesian jurisdiction. Similarly so the Australian Federal Police have failed to properly move on matters relating to Ms Corby, such as the admission of guilt by Mr Moss, because once again the line is that Ms Corby is in an Indonesian jurisdiction. But all this is bullshit because the Australian Federal Police and their Indonesian counterparts work ever so closely, and much more could have been done. Similarly so the Australian Government could have secured justice for Ms Corby.

Watch this interview with Mr Moss here: – it is disturbing that we know what happened but sadly a different message is being sold to the Australian people about Ms Corby and her family.

“The drugs were never meant for Bali,” Mr Moss.

“As I have said many times, criminals do not come forward and give themselves up, but this idiot has.”

Mr Moss came clean in July 2005 in terms of his one time intended role with the cannabis in Ms Corby’s boogie board bag. This testimony should have invigorated the Australian Federal Police and the various Crimes Commissions, particularly the NSW Crimes Commission to find out, corroborate and publicly report on whether Ms Corby was an unwitting drug mule or not, and report on the extent of airport services corruption – in the public interest. The news media reported Ms Moss’ claims on July 27 but immediately set upon him, savaging his claims.

Some of Mr Moss’ closing comments during our interview earlier today – here.

Without an independent royal commission into the mishandling of Ms Corby’s predicament the vast cast of aspersions continue to stain the Australian consciousness – and torture an obviously innocent woman.


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