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Saturday 18th of November 2017 (UTC)

November 2017

Let us do the right by international students and not just benefit from their student fees

In recent days the Twitterverse of the Premier Mark McGowan and his Education Minister Sue Ellery have been extolling the advantages that we stand to gain from the sales pitch that they have undertaken in China to attract foreign students to Western Australia. I applaud the efforts of the Minister and the Premier in recognising […]

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Trauma must not become your injurious oppressor

Our days on this earth are not many and what we do with our days matters, not only for us but for those around us and for those whom we leave behind. Trauma is a part of life, few are unscarred. However for far too many, trauma overwhelms them and subsumes their personality. Trauma becomes […]

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I am the mother the Australian Government would rather forget

How do you follow a start to an article that says the following? From the Sydney Morning Herald comes this paragraph: “I am the mother that the Australian government would rather forget. My daughter Mia was killed in a stabbing attack almost a year ago in a backpacker hostel in far north Queensland, while she […]

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Never before have so many Aboriginal children died of suicide

There are more suicides today Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander than ever before. It is not just intergenerational trauma and the impacts of colonisation, or cultural deficits that are contemporaneously culprit to this crisis. Much more simply the culprits are the deplorable ongoing inequalities and direst poverty. The intergenerational trauma is compounded by betrayals, where […]

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