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Saturday 29th of April 2017 (UTC)

Health and Wellness

It does not pay to be racist

There are many people out there who send me emails and Facebook posts accusing me of “social engineering”, “political correctness” and all variety of society destroying activities as I have attempted to raise issues of vilification and discrimination on the basis of race, religion and other ethno cultural attributes. It has often been hard to […]

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Are good intentions enough? The Abbott/ Turnbull Government and mental health reform

Writing in the ABC Online magazine  The Drum, John Mendoza has described the Abbott/Turnbull Government’s recently announced mental health reform package as ”the most transformative reform package in a generation”. Mendoza, who was previously chair of the National Advisory Council on Mental Health and CEO of the Mental Health Council of Australia, is a respected figure in […]

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“Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction.”

Under normal circumstances I would be writing stories about issues of race and religion and problems that may have arisen thereof. Today, I am writing something of issues I deal with in the area of my work. I want to bring to you two stories related to Epilepsy and its treatment with medical marijuana. It […]

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The likely cause of addictions – human disconnections

It is now one hundred years since drugs were first banned — and all through this long century of waging war on drugs, we have been told a story about addiction by our teachers and by our governments. This story is so deeply ingrained in our minds that we take it for granted. It seems […]

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WA Aboriginal Health Council says “NO” to $7 co-payment

Western Australia’s Aboriginal Health Council, a peak health body for First Nations people, has gone further than just criticising the Federal Government’s $7 Medicare co-payment. The Council is sending a powerful message to both the Federal Government and to Australia’s 76 Senators, that it will stand in the way of the co-payment at all costs […]

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