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Thursday 31st of July 2014 (UTC)

Aboriginal Specific News – Australia

Do the Martu peoples want uranium mining?

Western desert-living Martu Elder, Thelma Rawlins said that many of her people remain opposed to the “go-aheads” given to uranium mining on Martu Country. “Kintyre should be left alone, our Country left alone.” “This is really bad stuff in the ground, and it will be really bad stuff if it comes above the ground. We […]

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NAIDOC celebrates but for far too many everything has got worse

While NAIDOC celebrates, one in 54 of all First Peoples are in jail today, when we include youth, it is one in 46 of all First Peoples in jail or juvenile detention. One in 16 to one in 24 of all deaths each year are by suicide. More than one in four of all First […]

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Elkyrra Glass says that The Block must be returned to its residents - Photo, Gerry GeorgatosElkyrra stands up for The Block

Young community services student and women’s shelter volunteer worker, Elkyrra Glass spent the first five years of her life on The Block till her family was evicted by the Aboriginal Housing Company in 1996. Ms Glass sees the more than two-month strong stance by the Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy as the first real chance for […]

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Suicides crisis linked to incarceration

I have written widely on the suicides crises and on the need to disaggregate the data region by region and where necessary community by community and furthermore by age categories. I have also translated much of my research into journalism so the extensiveness of the crises can garner the necessary responses. However, now we need […]

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Image - year-old two days in police lockup

It is nothing new for Australia to be locking up children in police cells or adult prisons. Once again, recently, an 11 year-old-girl spent a weekend at Karratha’s police station. This follows a 12 year-old child in a Kimberley police lockup. Last year, for more than 6 months 120 juveniles, First Nations youth, finished up […]

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Statistics need to be qualified

According to a report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) there were 42 substantiated cases of ‘abuse’, which includes ‘neglect’, for every 1000 Aboriginal children as opposed to 5 cases per 1000 for the rest of Australia. But how true are these statistics? What is neglect? What are the definitions of abuse? […]

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Sexual abuse in the Northern Territory – little is done about it if you’re a First Nations person

Lynette Blayney is emotive and articulate about her surprisingly brief stint in child welfare in the Northern Territory as she describes settings of unchallenged rife sexual abuse throughout regions of the Territory which fall into line with some of what the controversial Little Children are Sacred Report alleged and what many researchers and academics have alleged is […]

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Murrawari man, William Trapman taking a stance against racism - Photo, Gerry GeorgatosTaking a stance against racism – Murrawari man, William Trapman

Murrawari man, William Trapman has been confronting and unveiling racism from his days as a young child in Brewarinna to his workplace experiences since. The worst mistake one can make according to Mr Trapman is to let the racism slide – best to beat it down, and this can only happen by confronting it. “Growing […]

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Debra HockingDebra Hocking asked by world’s best to help on trauma recovery program

America’s Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) has nominated Ms Debra Hocking from the University of Wollongong to be the Australian coordinator for a new Harvard Global Indigenous Trauma Recovery programme to deliver an Indigenous Trauma Recovery Programme. Massachusetts General Hospital is the third oldest general hospital in the United States and one of the major teaching […]

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Australian frontier wars - Slaughterhouse Creek Massacre of 1838No one life is more important than any other which is why Frontier Wars matter

The Western world is in mourning over the sons, daughters, couples, parents and grandparents who never made it home after the tragic Malaysia Airlines disaster. Days on from the horrific crash the official Australian death toll from flight MH17 has been updated to 37 and the total deaths remains at 298. World headlines have included […]

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