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Friday 22nd of August 2014 (UTC)

Aboriginal Specific News – Australia

Sharon GregoryNoongar Language Renaissance: Sharon Gregory

by Sarah Norgrove A good friend once asked me, “You can probably say hello in French, German and Spanish, but can you say it in an Australian language?”. Language is something we use every day without really thinking about it, let alone where it comes from. Many languages, English particularly, often borrow (or steal) common […]

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South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council CEO Glen KellyGlen Kelly stands up for the Swan Valley Nyungah Community

The South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council CEO Glen Kelly, has come out and stated he is standing alongside the Swan Valley Nyungah Community in the right to reclaim their land. This puts Mr Kelly at loggerheads with the Western Australian Government and Premier Colin Barnett with whom he has been negotiating the controversial […]

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Amending Act will do away with Aboriginal Heritage

Proposed changes to Western Australia’s Aboriginal Heritage Act are intended to discriminate and effectively do away with Aboriginal heritage according to First Nation land councils and corporations. From the Kimberley to Noongar Country many are concerned sacred sites and culture will be negatively impacted. Kimberley Land Council CEO Nolan Hunter said it was dangerous to […]

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Nigel ScullionPearson’s vision – and its impacts

Courtesy of The National Indigenous Times Noel Pearson said the Forrest report struck at the “roots of the passive-welfare predicament of Indigenous Australians”. He said the Forrest reforms did not displace the welfare safety-net system but rather built “a new opportunity staircase as an alternative pathway for individuals and families to climb out of disadvantage […]

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co-Chair of Reconciliation Australia, Dr Tom CalmaKen Wyatt supports Forrest plan but Tom Calma, Ngiare Brown, Rod Little have questions

Enforcing a welfare card on First Nations People, a cornerstone of the controversial Creating Parity Report delivered by mining billionaire, Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest to the Federal Government, risked “further disempowering the disempowered” the co-Chair of Reconciliation Australia, Dr Tom Calma has warned. Dr Calma joined with Deputy Chair of the Prime Minister’s Indigenous Advisory Council, […]

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Image - betrayal of our children – the Northern Territory

Children in the Northern Territory are three times more likely to die before they turn five years of age than children born into the suburbs of Melbourne and Sydney. But when the data is disaggregated, the Northern Territory’s First Nations children, who are nearly half the Northern Territory child population, fare dramatically worse. We were […]

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Broome's homelessness - Photo, Ingetje TadrosKennedy Hill demolition to compound Kimberley’s homelessness nightmare

Kennedy Hill is a shanty town in the tourist mecca of the Kimberley. The Kimberley has one of the nation’s worst homelessness rates. Derelict homes, deemed unfit for human habitation, are the only homes many families with nowhere else to go have. But the Broome Shire wants the residents evicted and the houses demolished. There […]

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Debbie KilroyFirst Nations women jailed in never-before-known numbers

While non-Aboriginal female imprisonment rates are steadily decreasing, across the nation First Nations women are being imprisoned in never-before-seen numbers and rates. In fact, the Australian female imprisonment rates have doubled in the last decade but with First Nations women making up most of the increase. Sisters Inside CEO, Debbie Kilroy said that First Nations […]

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Kaye Bellear, Jenny Munro declare residents want ASIC investigation into conduct of Aboriginal Housing Company after revelations there is no government funding for homes - Photo, Geoff BagnallBlock residents call on Mick Mundine to resign

Courtesy of The National Indigenous Times - The management and board of the Aboriginal Housing Company Ltd (AHC) should stand aside or be sacked for mismanagement and for misleading the Aboriginal community now it has been revealed government had never promised to provide any funding for low income housing on The Block in Redfern, a community […]

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Aboriginal Affairs Minister Peter CollierSummit to find solutions to Aboriginal disadvantage

The Western Australian Government will convene a bringing together of people to find solutions for the State’s most impoverished peoples – First Nations people. The Western Australian Aboriginal Advisory Council Summit (WAAAC) will have a shot at coalescing voices and ways forward in order to address Aboriginal disadvantage. Aboriginal Affairs Minister Peter Collier said the […]

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