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Saturday 19th of April 2014 (UTC)

Aboriginal Specific News – Australia

Image - YarumanScullion bent on saving lives

996 reported suicides of First Nations people from 2001 to 2010 – 1 in 24 of all First Nations deaths are by suicide. 400 suicides estimated from 2011 to 2013, up from 100 per year to more than 130 per year. It is estimated that suicides could be as high as between 1 in 12 […]

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Image - www.mhhub.comDepression tool culturally sensitive

University of Western Australia researchers have developed a first of its kind culturally acceptable screening tool for depression among older First Nations people living in remote areas. It is widely accepted that remote First Nations peoples are not inclined to turn up to health practitioners and describe sadness or depression, and rather any undiagnosed depression […]

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Roebourne Regional Prison - Image, prison, signature piece of neglect

Western Australia’s Inspector of Custodial Services, Professor Neil Morgan has described the Pilbara’s Roebourne Regional Prison as “inhumane and intolerable.” This was described in a report tabled to State Parliament by the Inspector, and follows other reports – particularly from the Aboriginal Legal Services – of deplorable conditions in regional police watch houses and prisons. […]

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Demolition of The Swan Valley Nyungah Community buildingsThe eviction of the Last of the River People

Only weeks ago, Western Australia Premier Colin Barnett with a dose of the public has no right to know and with Kafkaesque mendacity ordered the deplorable act to demolish the Swan Valley Nyungah Community’s homes. This was done without any notice or courtesy to the former residents, many of whom are homeless. The demolishing occurred […]

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The Lucky Country? Not if you’re Aboriginal

While refuelling in Mount Isa this year I decided to take a break from my journey at a café. It was lunch time and the place was busy. In line in front of me were two young Aboriginal girls who were impeccably turned out, coloured tropical clothes, big smiles, laughing and confident. When they got […]

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