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Friday 22nd of May 2015 (UTC)

Aboriginal Specific News – Australia

Jigalong - Image,“Only in body bags,” say Jigalong residents. “They do nothing for us,” say Roebourne residents

There continues the threat to close down Homelands and their communities by the sleight of hand of audit and consultation, but many say they do not want their communities to be audited for the purpose of whether they should exist or not. The Western Australian Government has also thrown into the wash the promise of […]

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Image - Gerry GeorgatosTruth, not lies, on Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander suicide rates

Suicide prevention should be one of the most urgent priorities of our times – globally and nationally. The rates of suicide should be known, disaggregated and unmasked as the humanitarian crisis that in effect it really is – though little known, suicide is one of the issues of our times. Annually, suicide takes more lives on […]

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Djarindin-Lombadina, Image - Four Corners misses the real story on the Homelands

There are nearly 1,200 remote communities – Homelands – Australia wide, with the majority of them predominately populated by the continent’s First Peoples. The highest concentration of Homelands is in Western Australia. If the Homelands are closed then this continent’s vast interior and top end will be effectively left eerily empty. Nearly 300 communities of […]

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Image -’t believe them; They will close Homelands – the only ‘consultations’ should be about equality

The bent to close down Homelands, to raze communities into oblivion, the plan to relocate people is still on despite the latest foray by the Western Australian Government into the propaganda of consultation. Who will they consult? Who will they handpick? What will they listen to? The State Government did not listen to the 144 […]

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52 times more likely to go to jail – Aboriginal children jailed at the world’s highest rate

We are on the Titanic and we are sinking while those at the helm carry on as if they are oblivious to the fact we have hit the iceberg. For the third consecutive year we learn that the incarceration rates of our First People youth and adults have increased. This is an indictment of our leaders as […]

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Melbourne brought to a standstill - Photo, the reports, research – Sam Cook has shown the way, let’s hit the streets to end the racism

The youth of the First Peoples of Western Australia are incarcerated at 52 times the rate of non-Aboriginal youth. One in 13 adult males of the First Peoples of Western Australia are in prison. Ninety-eight per cent of the Northern Territory juvenile detention population is comprised of the youth of First Peoples. Eighty-six per cent […]

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Perth City Council fob off Matargarup homeless & say they cannot help homeless

The calendar event of Homeless Week will recycle itself in August and the Lord Mayor of the City of Perth will cut the red ribbon in Forrest Chase – in the heart of the CBD – and drop in a speech of how much more needs to be done for the homeless. Pretty rich for […]

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Image - Chris MasonMatargarup

The day is overcast and grey, the air humid and oppressive. The smell of smoke mixes with the thick air, making the atmosphere even heavier. The Noongar Elders gather around the fire they have built among the gum trees and talk. Some are “painted-up” in white, so that they appear ghost-like. The fire is the […]

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Image - Gerry GeorgatosBeware the ‘framing’ of the conversation – ‘consultation’ is a dirty word – Don’t close any Homelands – end of story

Far too many politicians, ‘leaders’ and commentators are carrying on about Governments needing to ‘consult’ with the ‘remote communities’ rather than just stating as it should be – ‘do not close any communities’.  Throwing around the ‘consultation’ is dangerous because it buys into an argument that some Homelands and their communities should be closed. There should […]

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One Mile Communty - If you visit and stay at the town camps as I have then there is no denying Australia's apartheid - Photo, Gerry GeorgatosSeven per cent of the Kimberley homeless – but hey, who cares?

Seven per cent of the Kimberley is homeless and for years this has not raised a word or whisper in our national media. I have been the only person in the nation writing about the Kimberley’s endemic and pernicious homelessness. How is this possible? Nearly half the population of the Kimberley is comprised of First […]

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