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Tuesday 24th of November 2015 (UTC)

Aboriginal Specific News – Australia

Julieka DhuNo words or justice for Ms Dhu’s loss but there must be a legacy of change

I remember when I first looked into the eyes of a mother who had lost her 22-year-old daughter, her last hours of life spent on the floor of a police cell, what came from me was “there are no words for your loss…” There are no words, not any justice to be scored that will […]

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The writer with a newborn at the Heirisson Island Matagarup First Nations Refugee CampElder Bella Bropho – The Mother Theresa of the children of Matagarup – City of Perth, please listen!

In this nation, nearly 20,000 children aged 12 years and less are homeless – on the streets – at high risk to violence and sexual predation. I have spent two decades working alongside the homeless, helping as many as I could into education, employment, trauma recovery and to a brighter future. I have listened carefully […]

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Photograph: Dave Hunt/AAPRisk of death high after release from prison

Not enough is being done for people while in jail. There are far too many people in prison mentally unwell rather than criminally minded. There are far too many incarcerated for low level offending. When it comes to Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples, just about every family has had a family member or close […]

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Image - in custody – why even 30 years later the justice matters?

It is approaching a quarter of a century since the final report from the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. The suite of expectations that were effectively promised by the Royal Commission have for the most part long been betrayed. The majority of deaths in custody are of natural causes but a significant proportion […]

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Image - www.piecesofvictoria.comSnail-like media coverage and organisations that buy-in to incremental change allow the injustices to accumulate

Inexcusable injustices are known for years and decades in some instances but they are sidelined by media, organisations and governments till the injustices become as if normalised. The families and advocates scream long into the silence. It is as if eugenics are always at play, determining ‘political climates’ – even if the social engineering delivers […]

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Image - digitaldivide_widewebNot true – that for Aboriginal and/Torres Strait Islander kids the education divide is closing

It is being slated around that more Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander children than ever before are successfully completing school. In part this is true. Yes, more youth are completing school than ever before, but this record is not one to be proud of, was not hard to beat. For too long our Governments screwed […]

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16,000 Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander children taken - Photo, Gerry GeorgatosWhy are so many Aboriginal children taken from their families?

Children are being removed from their Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander families at never before rates. Why? In NSW, one in every ten Aboriginal children have been removed from their families – from a racialised lens it does not get worse anywhere else in the nation; it does not get worse anywhere else in the […]

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Some want to portray things on the improve but the statistical narrative says the divide is widening

There are racial divides that despite all the projects working to bridge these divides, they are in fact widening. Economic inequalities are not being addressed and instead a tsunami of poverty related – extreme poverty – issues are flooding us with high mortality, homelessness and appalling incarceration and suicide rates. For every person that crosses […]

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Gerry Georgatos at One Mile Community, Broome - Photo, Ingetje TadrosHidden truths – it is worse, not better, for many Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islanders

It is stated that that we should inspire change by giving onus to the good news stories, to the inspiring role models instead of the bad news stories, instead of narratives of despair. Yes, tell the good news stories, inspire as many as is possible but how can we deflect from the narrative when the […]

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Barbara McGrady - one of last year's award recipients and one of this year's judges - Eddie Mabo Award recipient, Jenny Munro and presenter of the Eddie Mabo Award, Gail Mabo - Photo, Lisa Hogben.This is why I fight for my people

The National Indigenous Human Rights Awards (NIHRA), the brainchild of NSW parliamentarian Shaoquett Moselmane, augur well for the most profound human rights struggle on this continent. In general, I am not a believer in awards, as the stricture of their terms of reference excludes the salt of the earth, excludes the most dedicated and relentless […]

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