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Wednesday 4th of May 2016 (UTC)

Aboriginal Specific News – Australia

Image - more than hope

Hope is not strategy; it is not a plan. Hope is not a bad thing. It can be helpful. But is an intangible. Hope does not resolve the constant state of powerlessness, forsakenness and oppression that many Indigenous Australians experience. Using hope as a solution to Indigenous suicides is a surface level response to tragedies […]

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I don’t hate White people – I hate racism

In Australia – and throughout much of the western world – racism is bound in a cast of aspersions that it is borne of Whiteness despite that racism has nothing to do with Whiteness. Racism is borne of exploitation, of the oppressor and the oppressed dichotomy and its dynamical structures. The rest – the cruelty, […]

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‘Oppression’ is the critical cognitive factor in the majority of the suicides

In societies where the people are exposed to relentless oppression, suicide is a normal response – the ultimate form of resistance to the prolonged violence of oppression. It is not the individual who takes her or his life who is responsible for this culmination but the act of relentless oppression that is responsible. The impacts […]

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Image - or discriminate – are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders really only 10 years behind in life expectancy?

It is estimated by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ life expectancy is 10.6 years lower than that of the non-Aboriginal population. Is this really true or are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples dying decades earlier than what is being sold to us. I have long been […]

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Ngalla Maya doing what governments are failing to do; improving the lives of former inmates

Nearly 90 per cent of the Australian prison population did not complete a secondary education, with nearly 40 per cent not getting past Year 9. Noongar man, Mervyn Eades knows the inside of prisons all too well. He visits prisons and juvenile detention facilities to inspire hope and ways forward. In 2002, Mervyn founded Ngalla Maya […]

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25 years since the end of the four-year Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody

It is 25 years since the end of the four-year Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody and today marks 24 years since the tabling of the Final Report and its 339 recommendations from the royal commission. We know the horrible statistical narrative – the numbers are people – and the worsening trends – generations […]

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Attawapiskat suicides are the tip of the iceberg for First Peoples the world over

Suicide among the descendants of the First Peoples of nations with relatively recent colonial oppressor histories has reached humanitarian crisis levels with arguably the Australian experience the worst. The sense of hopelessness among descendants of First Peoples in middle and high income nations such as Australia, Canada and the United States has reached catastrophic crisis […]

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Philinka Powdrill was 18 years old. Mother Lena Andrews has asked that we publish Philinka's image.Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders call for a royal commission into the suicides – Kunoth-Monks, Sansbury, Muir, Bonson, Waters

Suicide is a leading cause of death for all Australians, taking more lives than road fatalities but for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders it is a significantly grimmer story. Suicide is the leading cause of death for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders aged 15 to 35 years, with one in three deaths in this age […]

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Photo - Ian Waldie - Getty ImagesWhy a royal commission into the high rate of suicide must happen – and soon

A royal commission into Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander suicides is the only way forward to radically reducing the suicide crisis at least to parity with non-Aboriginal suicide rates. There is an abominable catastrophic crisis borne of the sense of hopelessness that far too many feel. Coronial inquests, parliamentary committee inquiries, hundred page reports will […]

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c5c420e01045cdbee8f022a0a52e1020-300x225WA Police, Country Health, State Government must compensate the families of Ms Dhu – manslaughter

Police officers have admitted their culpability in the tragic death of Ms Dhu. Medical staff cost Ms Dhu her life. The putrid stench of racism was everywhere in the last days of Ms Dhu. Her family have been tormented since. The anguish borne by her mother, Della, by her grandmother Carol, by her uncle, Shaun […]

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