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Tuesday 2nd of September 2014 (UTC)

Aboriginal Specific News – Australia

Advocate, Vanessa Culbong with Grandmother Brenda Narrier - Image, Gerry GeorgatosStolen Generations – “Return Brendah to her grandmother”

When will Australians stand up and say “stop taking the children”? Australia is in a new grip of the Stolen Generations, and with numbers of children taken in tsunami-like proportions, worse than ever before. In recent weeks I have met a score of parents and grandparents who are fighting to have their children returned home, […]

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First physiotherapy clinic opens on Palm Island

Australia is suffering from a dire shortage of frontline physiotherapists in much needed locations, according to a report by the Australian Physiotherapy Association. As per usual the communities that go without are mostly First Nations. Independent groups are doing something about this. The Back In Motion Health Group, founded by physiotherapist Jason Smith, is trying […]

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Prime Minister or Village Idiot?

Australia was founded on bloodshed, and its historical identity and its origins-of-thinking include slavery (blackbirding), social engineering, apartheid, racism. To deny all of this is to keep Australians hostage to the various veils and layers of racism. Understanding the past is to free up the present and the future from being held hostage by lies. […]

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Murrumu Walubara Yidindji, a ‘warm, enigmatic, big bear of a bloke’. Photograph: Paul Daley for The GuardianMurrumu Walubara Yidindji, formerly Jeremy Geia renouces Australia

By Paul Daley First published in The Guardian Australia – Canberra press gallery journalist Jeremy Geia has walked away from his job, given up his passport and belongings and reverted to his tribal name, Murrumu Walubara Yidindji. Last April Jeremy Geia posted his driver’s licence to the chief minister of the Australian Capital Territory, where […]

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Forrest’s report misunderstands welfare and parity

The Forrest report – ‘Creating Parity’ – which pushes the line of ‘seismically’ changing the landscape for First Nations people contains more than just how to incentivise job creation for First Nations people. It describes the potential for a whole lot of social engineering in order to bring on ‘equality’ as Mr Forrest and his […]

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Murray family meet with Attorney-General

It is 33 years since what was the obvious killing of 21-year old Eddie Murray in a northern NSW police lockup and still there is a long way to go to even the flicker of justice. Last week, several of Eddie’s sisters and a couple of staunch supporters finally met with the NSW Attorney-General, Brad […]

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Unpaid fines destroy lives with jail time

Hundreds of Australians endure the ordeal of jail because of unpaid fines, their poverty a burden. Disproportionately First Nations people are incarcerated ‘to pay off’ their fines. According to the president of the Indigenous Social Justice Association, Ray Jackson this “draconian practice criminalises people and destroys families and futures.” Recently, ‘unpaid fines’ cost the life […]

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Yalmay Yunupingu, Image - Nations languages will not survive if English is the be-all

First Nations languages will not survive if English is pushed into every region of this continent as the be-all end-all. Languages and language restoration academics and linguists argue that the loss of one’s mother-tongue or that of their parents is the loss of a significant part of their identity, and they argue that this could […]

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WA Aboriginal Health Council says “NO” to $7 co-payment

Western Australia’s Aboriginal Health Council, a peak health body for First Nations people, has gone further than just criticising the Federal Government’s $7 Medicare co-payment. The Council is sending a powerful message to both the Federal Government and to Australia’s 76 Senators, that it will stand in the way of the co-payment at all costs […]

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22-year-old police death in custody should not have occurred

The death of 22-year-old Yamatji woman Julieka Dhu while in police custody earlier this month has led to renewed calls for medical nurses to be stationed at lockups 24/7 and for the implementation of the Custody Notification Service in Western Australia. Ms Dhu was pronounced dead soon after arriving at a health facility after 48 […]

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