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Tuesday 21st of October 2014 (UTC)

Aboriginal Specific News – Australia

Freedom summit to galvanise First People

The call for a National Summit of Traditional Owners announced last week by three icons of the First People’s struggle, Tauto Sansbury, Geoff Clark and Michael Mansell, has gained momentum. They have been inundated by the true leaders of First People from all around the continent. Many Elders believe there is a tumultuous political climate […]

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Deaths in custody report anniversary rally - Image, death since end of the Royal Commission

“Here I am again.” “I was eleven years old, when I marched alongside my father in 1988, one year after the commencement of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. We marched for Eddie Cameron, who was found dead in a Geraldton police lockup.” “I am now a father, I am now 37 years […]

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Wayne Wharton, Image - protests – crossroads of significance

Organisers of protests planned during the G20 Leaders Summit to be held in Brisbane in November have warned that claims by State and Federal police they fear terrorists will try and infiltrate the protests was a set-up designed to give police the right to act with brutal and unlawful force against protesters. The planned protests […]

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Image - Emma-ConstanceEnough is enough – It’s time to act by supporting the call for our true leaders

The national call by community leaders Tauto Sansbury, Geoff Clark and Michael Mansell among others for a National Summit of legitimate First Nations leaders has the potential to change a generation. We are talking of the same influence of the Freedom Marches back in the ’60’s, the establishment of the Tent Embassy in ’72 and […]

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Gerry Georgatos, Roxley Foley and Tauto Sansbury“It is a land grab” – call for strength in numbers

South Australia’s Labor Premier, Jay Weatherill has come out in glowing support of mining billionaire Andrew Forrest’s controversial ‘Creating Parity’ report. But the report has divided people while offending many as reductionist, paternalistic and assimilationist. Last Thursday Premier Weatherill met with Mr Forrest and Professor Marcia Langton to further discuss the report but rejected formal […]

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Nyikina Mangala Elder John Darraga WatsonTwo Kimberley Elders finalists in the Western Australian Senior Australian of the Year Awards

One of the Kimberley’s most prominent Elders is a finalist for the Western Australia leg of the Senior Australian of the Year. Nyikina Mangala Elder John Darraga Watson has dedicated his life to bettering the conditions that his people live in. In a first, Mr Watson is one of two Kimberley finalists for the category. […]

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Aboriginal prisoners in The Quod - hundreds died of disease, malnutrition or were beaten to death by guardsWadjemup – Sleeping among the dead – “They will not be forgotten”

–          This Friday, the First People of the western region of this continent who were imprisoned on Wadjemup, between 1841 to 1903, will be remembered by their descendants. Their ancestors were incarcerated for the crimelessness of refusing to hand over their Country to the colonialist invaders who history often immorally describes as “settlers”. The remembrance […]

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Custody Notification Service in WA will save lives says ALSWA CEO, Dennis Eggington

A wave of support has begun calling for the Custody Notification Service (CNS) to be implemented in Western Australia. The Aboriginal Legal Services WA (ALSWA) CEO, Dennis Eggington said that the CNS “will save lives”. Mr Eggington said he is confident that the Federal Government will see its merit and rollout the CNS outside of […]

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The Custody Notification Service helps everyone – police and detainee

The death of a 22-year-old woman in a police cell at the South Hedland police station in early August has devastated her family. Her untimely death has struck a chord with many people around the nation – and with media which has sustained coverage and increasingly investigated into what led to this young woman’s death. […]

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Picture: David Caird Source: Herald SunRednecks at it again – 180 remote communities at-risk of being closed

Western Australia and the Northern Territory are home to the majority of remote communities and camps. Many of these towns and camps were conceived by Australia’s historic and not-too-long-ago apartheid. Many of the townships and camps are former missions where children were removed to as part of the Stolen Generations. Towns were created by moving […]

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