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Friday 27th of February 2015 (UTC)

Aboriginal Specific News – Australia

Image - Carol Roe and Della Roe, nanna and mother of Julieka DhuFamily of Ms Dhu applaud Scullion in urging Western Australia to implement Custody Notification Service

The Federal Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Nigel Scullion for several months has been urging the Western Australian State Government to implement the Custody Notification Service. This urging comes in response to the deaths of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander detainees in police lock ups. Last August, a 22 year old Yamatji woman needlessly died in […]

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Aboriginal voices under fire – NITV News and NIT newspaper

For weeks now the rumours have swirled that National Indigenous Television would come under the crossfire of reduced funding by Government to SBS. Weeks ago, insiders at NITV told me that their signature piece, the daily NEWS program, was slated for replacement by a ‘cheaper’ format. They said that NITV stalwart, Malaarndirri McMarthy was “holding […]

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This child of the Kimberley region of Australia could well ask what future lays ahead for me - Photo, Gerry GeorgatosThe extensiveness of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander suicides – 1 in 20

Whereas it was reported by the Australian Bureau of Statistics that for the period 2000 to 2010 one in 24 of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander deaths were by suicide, in the period since this rate has increased to one in 20. The suicide rate is even higher than is reported. But this already […]

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Jennifer Kaeshagen sets up The First Nations Homelessness Project

The Stringer is not just your average news site. Founded by Jennifer Kaeshagen, The Stringer coordinates advocacy in addition to its news reporting, features and opining. Ms Kaeshagen late last year made a personal commitment to attempt to house over the course of 2015 one hundred First Nations people experiencing homelessness in Perth, Western Australia. Without […]

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Government deal on its way to extinguish native title

The South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council’s (SWALSC) negotiated ‘compensation’ package with the Western Australian Government is now one third of the way to being sealed. Two authorisation meetings have come up trumps for the SWALSC, who are in favour of the deal. SWALSC CEO, Glen Kelly has long argued that it is the […]

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Image - content.time.comAustralia; locking up its First People for 200 years

Australia is the mother of all jailers of its First Peoples. When one in 13 of Western Australia’s Aboriginal adult males are in prison then we know that their jailing is racialised. Half the Western Australian prison population is comprised of First Peoples, more than a quarter of them for poverty related fine defaults and […]

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Quality of life for Australians 2nd only to Norway, but for First Peoples 132nd

A couple of years ago, the United Nations ranked Australia second behind Norway in its annual Human Development Index – for public health, social wealth, education, even happiness. But if First Peoples were to stand-alone they would not have been part of that 2nd rating – at the time I estimated they would be 122nd. Two […]

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Image - Moore – one of the uncountable tragedies of the Stolen Generations

I often think of Russell Moore – we were born in the same year. I was raised by my natural parents. He was ripped from his mother’s arms as part of the Stolen Generations. It was 1962 when more children were being removed from their Black parents because of their Blackness. You would have thought […]

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Noel Nannup‘Class action’ to take on State Government over heritage changes

Yesterday, the fledgling Aboriginal Heritage Alliance held a rally, small in numbers but heavy with high profile individuals, outside the offices of Western Australia’s Department of Aboriginal Affairs. They oppose the State Government’s proposed amendments to the Aboriginal Heritage Act which appear to water down heritage listing in favour arguably of mining interests. When the […]

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National Congress of Australia's First PeoplesNational Congress of Australia’s First Peoples has a 10 point plan for Prime Minister

The National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples has issued an open letter to the Prime Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Tony Abbott seeking commitment to 10 key actions and principles that would deliver meaningful change for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to possibly deliver a worthy legacy. Congress has set out key steps for the […]

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