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Saturday 25th of October 2014 (UTC)

Aboriginal Specific News – Australia

England and Wales acknowledge prison suicides crisis but Australia silent

Last Thursday evening, a 31-year-old Noongar man suicided in Perth’s Casuarina Prison – while only three months out from parole. The 31-year-old man was serving a sentence for burglary. Questions are being raised as to how he managed to suicide when jails are meant to have removed all hanging points from their prison cells. The […]

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Image by Kikei340 deaths in custody later, rallies around nation call for change

Ten rallies across the nation drew hundreds of protesters to call for excruciatingly long overdue changes in the name of the 22-year-old Yamatji woman who died needlessly in a Pilbara police watch-house lockup on August 4. Politicians from all sides joined the rallies – but will they ensure they bring on the changes? In the […]

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Dr Woolombi WatersExposing Barry Spurr highlights bigger problem of institutionalised racism

There was no surprise to see Federal Education Minister, Christopher Pyne stand by the review of the school curriculum despite the involvement of University of Sydney poetry professor Barry Spurr who was suspended last week over e-mails where he described former South African President Nelson Mandela as a “Darkie”, Blackfella’s as “Abo’s” and women as […]

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Monies owed to 227 people – Halls Creek

The liquidators of the Ngoonjuwah Aboriginal Corporation which ran the former Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP) in Western Australia’s Halls Creek region are searching for 227 of the former CDEP participants. They are owed their wages, ranging from $11 to $3682. Nearly $190,000 in wages remains unclaimed. Halls Creek endures high unemployment rates among its […]

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Freedom Summit to reignite Black Power

End of November hundreds of the most senior Elders and legitimate leaders of their peoples will gather in Alice Springs for the Freedom Summit. Hundreds from right across the continent have committed to come. Many see the Summit as the opportunity to mechanise the Aboriginal rights struggle, the greatest struggle ever known on this continent, […]

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Mulrunji, ten years ago, the 147th Black death since the Royal Commission

Ten years ago, Mulrunji was the 147th Aboriginal death in custody since the end of the Royal Commission in 1992. Despite that they will not be forgotten, Mulrunji and so many others will never return – but what has changed for the better? Recently, a 22-year-old Yamatji woman became the 340th death in custody. 100 […]

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Freedom summit to galvanise First People

The call for a National Summit of Traditional Owners announced last week by three icons of the First People’s struggle, Tauto Sansbury, Geoff Clark and Michael Mansell, has gained momentum. They have been inundated by the true leaders of First People from all around the continent. Many Elders believe there is a tumultuous political climate […]

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Deaths in custody report anniversary rally - Image, death since end of the Royal Commission

“Here I am again.” “I was eleven years old, when I marched alongside my father in 1988, one year after the commencement of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. We marched for Eddie Cameron, who was found dead in a Geraldton police lockup.” “I am now a father, I am now 37 years […]

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Wayne Wharton, Image - protests – crossroads of significance

Organisers of protests planned during the G20 Leaders Summit to be held in Brisbane in November have warned that claims by State and Federal police they fear terrorists will try and infiltrate the protests was a set-up designed to give police the right to act with brutal and unlawful force against protesters. The planned protests […]

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Image - Emma-ConstanceEnough is enough – It’s time to act by supporting the call for our true leaders

The national call by community leaders Tauto Sansbury, Geoff Clark and Michael Mansell among others for a National Summit of legitimate First Nations leaders has the potential to change a generation. We are talking of the same influence of the Freedom Marches back in the ’60’s, the establishment of the Tent Embassy in ’72 and […]

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