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Saturday 4th of July 2015 (UTC)

Aboriginal Specific News – Australia

The founder of Ngalla Maya, Mervyn Eades. Picture: Ross Swanborough Source: News Corp Australia, Eades – his story needs to be told

I was asked if I had the time to provide a reference for someone I know who does great things for other people. Of course I do. I wrote the reference this morning. Mervyn Eades is a good human being who had a difficult start at life but who has turned his life around and […]

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Image -, youth and adult suicide on the increase – it will get worse unless we address social health, equality & stay truthful

We cannot continue on the quiet about suicidal behaviour – it is on the increase. It is estimated that daily a thousand Australians think about suicide. It is only going to get worse. Why? Contextually, we are doing ever so little about suicide prevention – and a good part of suicide prevention is improving the […]

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Western Australia to introduce Custody Notification Service – at long last

Not there yet, but getting there – the long haul to introduce the Custody Notification Service in Western Australia – where it is truly needed has culminated in the announcement today that the CNS will soon be implemented. Most importantly the Custody Notification Service will help all those far too many people who are arrested and detained in police […]

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Paddy Gibson - Image, and the push to close communities

– Paddy Gibson looks at the renewed push to close remote Aboriginal communities and how it began with the NT Intervention from 2007. On 12 May, Four Corners aired a disgraceful hatchet job on remote Aboriginal communities in WA. It was a very useful piece of propaganda for the Western Australian government, which is currently […]

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Image - www.onyamagazine.comWhen the right people lead then lives will be saved

–       “Do not despair friend. You are a friend to many. You may not know it but your articles are widely read. You have saved many lives including my own. Thank you.” Suicide prevention should be one of the most urgent priorities of our times – globally and nationally. The rates of suicide should be […]

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A moral abomination – a narrative that is racialised, of human suffering and misery

Aboriginal and/or Torres youth are 26 times more likely to be in detention than non-Aboriginal youth. By 2025 they will be 40 times more likely to be in detention. From a racialised lens they are already being jailed in juvenile detention at the world’s highest rate. The statistics would higher but in Queensland, if you […]

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How many more kids stolen, how many more jailed, how many more must suicide?

Once again, do we have to wait for a United Nations Commissioner to shine the light on inequalities so as to bring Australia’s media, institutions and the majority of Australians up to speed on the horrific high rates of child removals, jailing and suicide rates? How long does the narrative of human misery and suffering have […]

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Image - nothing done about extreme poverty, jail rates will double again

A few years ago Australian Corrective Services were claiming that the national prison population had finally begun to decrease. I disputed this. A few years later the prison population has increased by nearly 15 per cent. In the next ten years Australia will near double its prison population whereas it took twenty years from 1992 […]

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Deaths in custody decreasing but the prison experience takes lives post release

Deaths in custody are beginning to gradually decrease. In good part this is due to the unwavering campaigns by deaths in custody campaigners across the nation. It has taken decades but there is also no surety that deaths in custody will continue to decrease when the arrest and jailing rates are increasing. The awareness raising […]

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Custody Notification Service prevents Aboriginal deaths in police cell custody

The New South Wales Aboriginal Legal Services has stated that Government funding has not been renewed for the 24-hour legal advice and RU OK phone line which has prevented Aboriginal deaths in police cell custody since it began in NSW and ACT. In operation since 2000, the Custody Notification Service was a response to a recommendation from […]

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