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Wednesday 10th of February 2016 (UTC)

Aboriginal Specific News – Australia

Beagle Bay, Mary O’Reeri, the Baton of Life and “You do listen”

I have travelled to a great many homelands and communities throughout this continent. In the fog of my memories the deep cut through the mist is the connectedness, the meeting of people. One community I have had much to do with but had not been to until only recently is Beagle Bay. It is a beautiful sub-tropical […]

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Nyoongah activist Clinton Pryor, Image - Kirsty OehlersAustralia Day Fireworks stored on Registered Aboriginal Site without consultation

Invasion Day protests speak of the sadness felt by Aboriginal people when Australians celebrate the date that the British laid claim to their land. For them this date also marks the beginning of Australia’s policies and practices of genocide against First Nations’ people. The Invasion Day protests confront the issue of ongoing disadvantage and oppression […]

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Dameyon BonsonIndigenous Suicide – White Comfort Politics and Survivorship

A few weeks ago I shared that I live with depression and anxiety. There have been periods in my life, several periods, where I would’ve been clinically diagnosed as suicidal; wanting to end my life. I’ve never ‘attempted’. At my most depressive times I’ve just wanted to lay down and go to sleep with the […]

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Large homeless families turn to Matagarup

The homeless, particularly large homeless families, are seeking refuge at the homeless friendly precinct of Matagarup (Heirisson Island, Perth). There are now more than 100 homeless people at the island refuge. Many of the homeless are children. Perth should be right-minded and open their hearts to these families, to the children. The muddle-minded City of Perth […]

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Dameyon BonsonIndigenous suicide: Prevention efforts need to be more upriver; strengthening capacity and combatting racism

Indigenous Suicide. Be brave. Say no to racism. I fall into several main groupings when it comes to suicide risk. I am male, and I am in my 40’s. I live with depression and I live with anxiety. I am gay, and I am an Indigenous Australian. I am a gay Indigenous male in his […]

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This little bub with Gerry Georgatos. The little bub lived her whole life on the streets till yesterday“Leave the homeless alone” and we’ll help them – homeless baby, four sisters, mum housed

Perth’s Heirisson Island has sheltered homeless families since March. Despite nine police escorted City of Perth raids on the homeless camp, some of the homeless families kept on coming to the island refuge. Some of these homeless families have had houses found for them by my partner and colleague, Jennifer Kaeshagen who coordinates the volunteer […]

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Parliament House, Perth, Western AustraliaWhat is the Western Australian Government’s problem?

Had the Western Australian Government moved with a sense of urgency and implemented the Custody Notification Service which it is signalling will eventually be the case then Djabera Djabera Bardi man Haji-Noor could still be alive. The tragedy of Ms Dhu is with us all – the young woman spent the last 48 hours of […]

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Generations yet to be born will be lost to the prison system & to suicide

Generations of children are growing up without any parenting, set adrift by the impoverishment that led their parents to low level offending, by a shallow system bent on retribution. Many Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander children are growing up with at least one parent in jail. These children are hit by the trauma, but their […]

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Robert Campbell Jnr
Death in custody, 1987
 acrylic on canvasPolice watch house death – WA failure to hurry up Custody Notification Services means blood on their hands

A 35 year old Aboriginal male died soon after being detained in custody. There are few details at this time. He was arrested on Wednesday and was found dead in his cell soon after. The Western Australian Government has been urged since the death of a 22-year-old woman in South Hedland police watch house in […]

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Image - revisited: Dr Paul Brown, The Pierre Janet Centre

A year ago, I introduced a model of suicide in these pages.[1] I emphasised the suicidogenic role of violence in Aboriginal society. The source of that violence was either upstream via oppression, or downstream via lateral violence. My medical travels in rural and outback Australia, have since confirmed that view. Violence begets violence, and violence […]

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