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Tuesday 24th of October 2017 (UTC)

Aboriginal Specific News – Australia

Every child is our child – Australia’s abomination, a crisis among children

Three children together attempted to end their lives. Such was the despair they felt from a sense of hopelessness in an Australian community where no one completes school. Three children, aged six, eight and ten climbed a tree. Older children saw them and ran to them and held them up and saved their lives. What […]

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Elijah’s death was murder

I had not written a single word about 14 year old Elijah Doughty’s death. I have been supporting family members, since soon after this boy’s tragic death. On Friday, 21 July 2017, a 56-year-old Kalgoorlie man (who cannot be named for legal reasons) was acquitted of the manslaughter of Elijah Doughty and sentenced to three years […]

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Australia soaked in apartheid; national shame continues with jailing First Peoples at world’s highest rate

Australia not only dished up the White Australia Policy, the Yellow Peril threat and ratcheted up xenophobia and misoxeny, but contributed its own brand of apartheid with missions and reserves, curfews and segregation. Many reckon apartheid is a past wrong that’s dusted but the gaols tell a different story. Australian gaols scream of racialised imprisonment […]

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Obituary journalism – one of biggest Black stories bypassed by media – the extinguishing of Black rights

  Sinister undermining is leading to the beginning of the end to some of Eddie Mabo’s legacy – native title rights. One of the biggest Black stories has not been carried by any of the nation’s major media nor but for scraps has it been picked up by Black and independent media. The fast approaching […]

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Be careful that Treaty is about what it should be, not what it has been…

At the invitation of the Mabo family I am attending the quarter century commemoration of June 3, 1992 High Court win that Eddie Mabo did not live long enough to see. I find myself in Townsville where Eddie’s journey began and culminated in the political landscape being changed. I have reflected on native title, on […]

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“After Mabo”

  As we celebrate the courage and the achievements of Eddie Koiki Mabo we all walk in his determined footsteps in our hope for a brighter future. The Mabo family asked me to paint you a picture of how Australia can offer an example to the world, if we achieve what that passionate man dreamed […]

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The Australian people will vote yes to referendum changes that end inequalities

Whatever the Australian people are presented in a referendum as proposed amendments to the Australian Constitution, the majority of Australians will vote yes. Most Australians are not deeply racist. Most Australians do want to live in harmony, do want all their brothers and sisters to live with opportunity and hope. The majority of Australians do […]

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Uluru convention must be visionary and not minimalist – otherwise the divide will not be between White and Black but between Black and Black

It is a given that there will be ‘constitutional’ recognition of the First Peoples of this continent – of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. It is a given that the ‘racialised’ clauses will be deleted from the Australian Constitution and stains – diabolical and cruel – cleansed from the nation’s imprimatur and from our […]

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Lateral Violence

Lateral violence is displaced anger misdirected at one’s peers, supporters, friends, to advocates though in their behalf. In general, though there should be no place for any form of violence, the anger at one’s adversaries has been misguidedly shifted to one’s peers. This premise is used to describe the violence and bullying by marginalised peoples, […]

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Half of Western Australia’s Aboriginal population will soon be without native title rights

  Eighty thousand Aboriginal people make up Western Australia but half will soon be without any native title rights. The Australian Labor Party has got in the way of a rare opportunity to repair and improve native title rights and bargaining powers. The federal Labor mob will support the Coalition government’s move to amend the […]

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