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Monday 20th of February 2017 (UTC)

Aboriginal Specific News – Australia

Prison to wellbeing to education and work – transforming lives

Non-Indigenous Australians are incarcerated at around 200 per 100,000 adults but Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander adults are incarcerated at 2,330 per 100,000 Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander adults. It’s beyond any justification – it’s an abomination. However the narrative of human misery and suffering is worst in Western Australia where Aboriginal adults are incarcerated […]

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Why as a non-Aboriginal person do I relentlessly speak out to Black issues?

A generation comes and generation goes, and where there is human misery that narrative is often from the cradle to the grave. If we can do something to change such narratives in real time and we don’t then we have been complicit in the misery of others. Our days on this earth matter and should […]

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The oppressed are blameless

Australia is borne of sins – and the original sin was its sweeping, relentless brutality to the First Peoples of this continent. Australia’s original sin was borne of and cavalcaded by racism – people were murdered, hounded off their lands, cruelled in every imaginable brutal inhumanity, corralled and tormented. The oppression was relentless but the […]

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Australia’s Mason-Dixie Line – Black peoples should flee Western Australia and the Northern Territory

There may need to be a Great Migration of Black peoples out of Western Australia and the Northern Territory or some sort of revolution. Wherever there are significant Black population masses throughout Australia so too is there pronounced racism – flaring and rampant. White anger rages at Black identity. The more west and north we […]

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On January 3 2017, with New Year hangovers barely abated, bailiffs from the local Sherriff’s office, accompanied by staff from the State Housing Authority, will drive as a funereal convoy to an old house situated on the fringes of a small country town called Pinjarra, an hour’s drive south of Perth, Western Australia. Their arrival […]

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Stolen Generations continue – cut ties with Governments – to sanction them

An Arrernte mother to a newborn recently reflected of her childhood, one where she was removed from her parents, aged 6, and instead raised in foster care and four years later until 19 years of age in the permanent care of a White couple. She has no issue with the White strangers who became her […]

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Yes, there is a second Stolen Generations – and it is worse

Some argue that there is no second Stolen Generation because there is no longer a prescribed policy that children should be removed on eugenic based reasoning. The argument today is that there is no longer an assimilate or perish agenda but go tell that to the thousands of families who have had their children removed […]

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Where are these hundreds of services in communities? Show me!

We often hear the claim that there are scores of services, many that duplicate what others do, in remote and regional Aboriginal communities. This reinforces the myth that some communities are ‘over-funded’. For instance, Roebourne in Western Australia’s Pilbara is said to have 67 service providers with over 400 programs for less than 1,200 residents. […]

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Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage – for the poorest 40 per cent it is catastrophically worse

Not even the latest Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage report released today can describe how grim the reality is for the poorest 40 per cent of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. There is no hiding the dramatic increase in incarceration and suicide rates but it is even worse if we disaggregate to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders […]

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Half-lives – half the population lives less than 50 years of age – the nation should know

Nearly half the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population living below the Henderson Poverty Line are living half-lives. There are terrible lies told that life expectancy is significantly improving and the gap on this front is closing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. But in 2014, half of Western Australia’s Aboriginal male deaths were aged […]

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