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Wednesday 28th of January 2015 (UTC)

Aboriginal Specific News – Australia

Photo by Geoff Bagnall, National Indigenous TimesDate with destiny – February 9 – First Peoples will Sit-In

Delegates and supporters of the Freedom Movement have set themselves a date with destiny after marching on Parliament House in Canberra on Tuesday declaring they would be back in even larger numbers on February 9 to confront the country’s politicians about their treatment and policies affecting First Nations People. More than 200 delegates and supporters […]

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Image - www.treatyrepublic.netWhat’s in a name?

The term ‘Aborigine’ means ‘been there since the beginning of time.’ The term ‘indigenous’ was mainly used to describe plants and animals.  It means ‘native to the land.’ Rosalie Kunoth-Monks asserted, “I am not an Aboriginal, or indeed indigenous, I am … (a) first nation’s person. A sovereign person from this country.” (Rosalie Kunoth-Monks, 2014) […]

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Between 28 and 31 July 1942 the Germans killed some thirty thousand Jews, among them the German Jews who were in a separate ghetto in Minsk. Image - www.holocaustresearchproject.orgWhite man’s sorry

If only saying sorry were simple. Sorry not only begs the question, ‘sorry for what?’ be it sorry for crimes committed, or for standing by while others perpetrated them. Saying sorry also poses the question of ‘who?’ is to blame, ‘who?’ is to say sorry, and the vexed issue of sincerity. It is not easy […]

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System let down Rex Jr – but Rex, you are loved, please turn yourself in

Rex Bellotti Jr at best will soon become a prison statistic and at worst well I should not go there. This 21 year old is wanted by police after allegedly holding up a convenience store. “My son’s life has been ruined, he has spiralled into depressions, he has lifelong injuries, he does not trust police, […]

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Email to The Stringer – “I would be utterly embarrassed to call myself an Aboriginal”

An email was sent to The Stringer that finished up with the line, “I would be utterly embarrassed to call myself an Aboriginal.” The Stringer will not identify the sender. The email was in response to an article about an incident on a Perth train, where a mother with four of her children and three companions […]

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Mervyn Eades - One of the ‘No Surrender’ campaign organisers. Picture: Ross Swanborough Source: News Corp AustraliaDeal to extinguish native title & land rights in one hit

More than 300 Noongar people gathered at a Perth park last Saturday to speak out against the South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council’s (SWALSC) support for the Western Australian Government $1.3 billion in-kind package proposal. The Government offer if accepted by Noongar people will come on the condition that their native title rights are […]

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Midgegooroo – “he threw the pick-axe down the well”

Bibbulman Noongar resistance fighter and leader of his people, Midgegooroo was executed by colonists – four years into their invasive colony – on May 22, 1833. Midgegooroo’s body was not returned to his people but buried by the side of a then quickly crafted grubby jail, where an Anglican Church and Deanery now stand in the […]

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Kicked off a train for being ‘Black’ – but Midgegooroo watches

“They are grabbing Nicole. They are pulling her off the train.” “They are kicking us all off the train. We haven’t done anything.” “What are you doing? You can’t just kick us off for being Black.” But they did. Two Railway Patrol Officers boarded a train at Cockburn Central Station, south of Perth. They followed […]

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Image -, bipolar and the blind professionals

I have just moved up to the Pilbara from Alice Springs. As a veteran locum psychiatrist, I am again meeting, and fortunate to be treating First Nation people. In a recent article in the Stringer, Deconstructing schizophrenia, [1] I drew attention to the over-diagnosis ~ read, mis-diagnosis ~ of schizophrenia in Indigenous populations. I wrote […]

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Image - www.driverlayer.comWhite man-Black man & disease

One might be forgiven for expecting white men to stop causing disease in black men, today. But instead of an era of atonement and correction, we pass from misdemeanour to misdemeanour. But plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose. The history of the transfer of disease from the Old World to the Antipodes has […]

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