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Friday 28th of August 2015 (UTC)

Aboriginal Specific News – Australia

One year to the day mother Della Roe lost her daughter - bad laws cost her life and need to be done away with - Photo, Sebastian Neuweiler, are no words for your loss

I remember when I looked into the eyes of a mother who had lost her daughter to the despicable veils and layers of racism, whose life ended at just 22 years young, and the words that poured out were “There are no words for your loss…” The ages shall not dim injustices perpetrated. There are […]

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Gerry Georgatos has been travelling the nation highlighting the extensiveness and nature of suicides among the First Peoples - and that we have to act now - Photo, Fernando M. GonçalvesCatastrophic suicide crisis will escalate “unless”…

Last year, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics there were 2,620 reported deaths of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islanders in 2012 of which it was reported that 117 were suicides, with six yet to be classified at the time of publication. Earlier this year, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported a record-high 2,811 deaths, […]

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One in ten Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders have been to jail – racialised imprisonment

There has been very little research on how many Australians and how many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders have been to prison. There is very little information collected on what happens to people post-prison. It has been my long-held view that in general people come out of prison worse than when they went in. There […]

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An eleven year old suicides, nine months later his mother takes her life – this nation’s worst racism

An eleven year child died last year, but by suicide. Nine months later, only days ago, his 37 year old mother took her life. In the last year I have had to look into the eyes of parents who have buried a child aged 11 years, 12 years, 13 years, 14 years, 15 years, 16 years and 17 […]

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%20aboriginal%20flag%20&%20niokaUnderstanding the abominable jail & suicide rates of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

The record-high suicide rates among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders are the result of the racist policies of one government after another. Government after government have degraded the majority of their communities to the most abominable social health quotients. They have denied Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities an equivalency of social wealth enjoyed by […]

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Stop examining the oppressed, instead examine the oppressor – this will do in racism & marginalisation

Oppression is the historical signature piece of the Australia we have known since the late 18th century, since the arrival of the tall ships. However oppression remains contemporaneous. The viciously cruel rod of oppression has delivered narratives of human misery and suffering, the moral abomination of racism. For more than a century there has been […]

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Image description: Children play in raw sewerage around a toilet block, Image - Amanda Albrecht‘Learn, Respect, Celebrate’ – and other trite, white, phrases.

There’s a running joke in the disability sector that goes something like this. Q: If the 3rd of December is International Day of People with a Disability, what happens on the other 364 days? A: Discrimination. I’m reminded each year on that day by the hypocrisy of the sector, who hold breakfast events to celebrate […]

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Not all are deaths in custody – murders in custody

Who killed Eddie Murray? A police officer did. Who killed John Pat? A police officer did. Who killed Mulrunji Doomadgee? A police officer did. How did they get away with it? Racism got in the way. These three young people, among others, did not just die in custody – they were killed in custody – […]

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The founder of Ngalla Maya, Mervyn Eades. Picture: Ross Swanborough Source: News Corp Australia, Eades – his story needs to be told

I was asked if I had the time to provide a reference for someone I know who does great things for other people. Of course I do. I wrote the reference this morning. Mervyn Eades is a good human being who had a difficult start at life but who has turned his life around and […]

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Image -, youth and adult suicide on the increase – it will get worse unless we address social health, equality & stay truthful

We cannot continue on the quiet about suicidal behaviour – it is on the increase. It is estimated that daily a thousand Australians think about suicide. It is only going to get worse. Why? Contextually, we are doing ever so little about suicide prevention – and a good part of suicide prevention is improving the […]

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