An Iraqi Yazidi child, Image -

An Iraqi Yazidi child, Image –

Abu Ghraib was both set up by and an indictment of the darkest dwells of inhumanity. It was set up to ‘justify’ the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, to signify ‘American anger’ at ‘terrorists’. But most right-minded people know that the wars were long planned. The circumstances that our world finds itself in today were crafted long ago.

Most recently, US District Judge, Alvin Hellerstein ruled that the American Government must release more than 2,000 photos of the infliction of some of the most vile, sadistic torture of captives by the American military in Iraq and Afghanistan. Some of the images already float around the internet. The American military and government are carrying on with hullabaloo in fighting their proposed release. But it is all theatre.

Much of what does get released is always intended for release – subversive covert ploys. In the case of Abu Ghraib it was set up to justify the wars, that ‘terrorism’ really does exist, that it is extensive, pernicious and must be fought, just like a Marvel Comic book League of Justice story where everything is good verse evil, black and white. The theatrical hullabaloo is that the “disclosure of the photographs” would “endanger” Americans.

The theatre subsumes and distracts journalists who win awards as if what they are writing about, being sold, is all about freedom of speech. In turn the general public are subsumed, distracted. The theatrics included the American Government in ‘trying’ to seek the ‘suppression’ of the photographs. Barack Obama’s Government went along with several acts in this play and toughened up Freedom of Information Access laws in 2009.

The images of captives degraded, humiliated, abused, tortured, their lives put at risk, are an abomination – moral, political and otherwise. That the American Government and its military have not been subpoenaed by international jurisdictions speaks volumes of the American propaganda machine and what they have achieved in both terrifying and controlling the fate of the world.

The Bush administration is guilty of some of the worst acts of inhumanity and was in contravention of every international protocol and convention, including the Geneva Convention. The Obama administration is complicit in failing to bring the previous administration to account. But then what do you really expect from the Obama administration? Other than orating his way through his dual term presidency he has failed to live up to anything noble. The Obama administration has completed more military spending than any previous administration. The Obama administration has prosecuted and jailed more whistleblowers than any other administration.

It has been a decade long fight by the American Government to keep ‘secret’ what everyone knew, the horrific narrative of torture, human misery and suffering under the Bush administration. The photos circulated, the stories circulated. They did not appear fortuitously, their circulation was indelible, well planned, a covert operation. Some of those we think are whistleblowers are in fact dupes.

Nevertheless, despite the setting up of Abu Ghrab to pitch to the world ‘American anger’ after it was exposed that Iraq did not have Weapons of Mass Destruction and after so many other American lies, the torture of those captives photographed should have led to charges immediately laid against George Washington Bush Jr. and his administration. Obama and his administration should have been marched along to account for their lot. But you know what, theatre gets in the way.

More than a million people have died in Iraq and Afghanistan because of the invasions, and many millions continue to suffer abominably. The rapacious wars have led to a destabilising of the whole of the middle east and north Africa and rippled instability throughout the world. The United States of America has been involved in more than 100 wars since the end of World War 2. On another note, 85 families have accumulated more than half the world’s resources – it’s all intertwined but let us leave this for another day.

The ability to discover the truth is outstripped by the capacity to manifest deceit.


A number of the photos that are supposed to be ‘top secret’ can be found here at the site. Warning: they are disturbing, abominably inhumane.

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